Video Production Services Near Me

Video production services near me is what DW Video & Multimedia, LLC has been providing since 1984.  Need a video for your business, organization, community or for your family?  

Being a Michigan based production company we go all over the state promoting local.  From Cadillac, Reed City, Mackinaw, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, Greenville, Lansing, Rockford, Lakeview, Howard City and thoughout our wonderful state.

Business Videos

Since the beginning video producer Duane Weed has been creating videos that promote, train, provide safety information, product demonstrations, television commercials for cable/broadcast and now content creation for web and social media sites.

From concept through all stages of production, writing, creative, video capture (at your location or locations around the state, even in our studio of need be), editing, motion graphics, animation and whatever visual(s) needed to tell your story.

video production services near me

Content Creation for web and social media

Today video is engaging.  Video is also a powerful tool on your website to inform prospects on who you are and what you do.  Through consistent content creation for social media posts, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more.  Through education about your products and services.  Tips on how to use your products and services.  Customer Testimonials that bring the message to the customer while building trust and answering the Why they need to choose you as the company to use. 

Family Storytelling Videos

How many times have you said, I wish my dad or mom could tell me that story again, or from a grandparent or relative.   Our Storytelling Videos are custom produced for your family including interviews, photos, old film movies and videos.  Whatever you need to tell the story, no problem.  Hearing your relatives relive their early years, your parents talking about how they met, the proposal and when they began parents.

The Story’s are priceless and through the power of video and Producer, Duane Weed’s ability to capture the story, you will have a memory that is shareable for all to see and have.  Playable on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and can ever store it in the cloud.  

These are not just for families.  The same concept can be created to tell the history of a company or community.  Capturing the history, while people are still here to tell it is so important.

Consumer Video Production Services

Our video production services near me commitment includes video to dvd transfers, today we transfer to mp4 (put on a USB flash drive and you can share it with everyone).  We are amazed on how much 8mm, super 8mm film there is to still be transferred to mp4 and/or a dvd.  

Do you want sound with that?  Transferring reel to reel audio tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks and Lp’s is also part of our consumer services production ability.

Have a wedding, anniversary, birthday coming up, our video albums are a perfect way to reflect on a person or couples years growing up.  Yes, we even do funeral videos that highlight the persons life.  Need the service covered for memories or for people that cannot make it… DW Video can do that as well.

boy sharing memories with teddy bear


About Duane

Duane Weed is a content producer for DW Video.  With a focus on promoting Michigan based companies he enjoys helping businesses from everywhere. Have a question or need assistance reach out by calling 231-250-9624.

Video Blogs produced by DW Video:  Buy Local Michigan  Welcome to my basement Jus Jammin  MI Basement Session

What is You Shoot We Edit Video Services

What is You Shoot We Edit Video Services

You Shoot We Edit Video Services. the simple answer is, You Shoot the video, then DW Video does the edit.  In today’s world of connecting with customers a consistent mix of messages need to be sent out on your behalf.  Contact Duane with any questions you may have. 

Shooting the video is usually the easy part.  Especially with the quality coming off today’s phones.  Editing and wrapping your brand message around it, takes time.  Time that may be better spent with you ‘Taking Care of Business’.  

As a video producer our bag of tricks, equipment and techniques is huge.  However, for the most part you may not need all of that. This is where the We Edit part comes into play.  Once you have the video (see Lighting and Composition Tips below) send it to a cloud based platform like Dropbox and share the folder with us.

Our job and what we do best is clean up the edit, add titles, logo and additional b-roll if needed.  You run a business, it may not be a million dollar venture yet, but you need to look professional and have a strong brand identity and message.  

Let’s take a look at Producing Tips for your next video:

  1. Use a Script keep it short and to the point.  people do not want to hear you talk and talk and not get to the point.
  2. Be Concise, the beauty of video is they see what you are teaching.
  3. Audio is 90% of a good video.  Pay close attention to background noise, radios, chatter etc.
  4. Are you doing this in front of background or on-site. What is pleasing to the audience.
  5. Set up your scene: Long Shot or as it is called an establishing shot.  This lets the viewer know where you are. Then use close-ups and medium shots as needed to tell the story.
  6. Use two cameras and sync in editing.  One can be your establishing shot and one covering the close ups.  If you only have one camera, then shoot the scene from multiple angles to get your shots.  Pay close attention to match cuts so the edit is smooth.
  7. Lighting: depending on what you are doing, will natural light work or do you need additional lighting?
  8. Use your script and outline as a guide to make sure you have captured all the shots before leaving the site.
  9. Create additional graphics, animations, images that fit within your script and story.
  10. Edit – putting it all together.  This is time consuming but where you see the video come to life.  From script to real.
  11. Distribution.  Are you streaming this?  Providing DVD’s or on thumb drives?  Setting up a dropbox or similar account that your people can download.

You Shoot We Edit Video Services Tips: (these are not in any order – just good overall tips for shooting better video)

  1. For professional video hold your phone horizontally (landscape mode) so you get the full 1920 X 1080 HD look.
  • Vertical Shooting (portrait mode) is good for video chats and some live social media platforms.  For me, whenever I see a business shoot this way, it looks cheap and not professional. First impressions and your brand are key.
  1.  Frame your shot well.  For the most part frame the objects to the left or right of center.  For example a golfer that is teeing off. Place them more to the side with the open area the direction the ball is going to go.  
  2. If you are shooting for editing later. Using our Golfer as an example. Begin with a WIDE SHOT.  This wide shot is known as the establishing shot – begin back a ways to show the person walking up to the tee off area.  Tells the viewer where you are. Then if you can, re-shoot each scene as a MEDIUM SHOT which may be half as close as the open shot. Showing the person, head to toe as they do their practice swing.  You can see the full swing. Then a CLOSE UP SHOT. This can be of a person’s face, the area near the golf ball as the club head goes by the ball, shot of the hands and the grip. Then maybe a couple EXTREME CLOSE UP SHOTS.  Tight on the ball as it is hit. In tight on their face as they watch where the ball goes. Then back to a WIDE SHOT over their shoulder looking down the fairway to again establish what just happened. 
  3. Resist the urge to over use the zoom. To much zoom and people get motion sickness and it cheapens the look of your production. 
  4. I came up with the term: Slow, Smooth and Steady when teaching High School students how to shoot video.  When you pan (turning the camera left and right) or tilting (looking up or down) do it slowly. Do it with a smooth flow and be steady in your motion.  If you are going for a professional look, remember the three S’s. Slow, Smooth and Steady.
  5. Use a Tripod whenever possible.
  6. Do you want sound with that?  Audio is 90% of a good video. If your viewer cannot hear what you are saying, there is too much wind noise for example this is very distracting. Adding a Lavalier Mic or Shotgun Mic to your camera will take care of most of this.

The closer the camera is to the subject usually the better the audio. 

  1. Be aware of what is in the background.  Pop cans, unwanted posters or messaging, stacks of papers and people can all cause distractions to the viewer. 
  2. LIGHTING – cameras need light, this light adds features to your face.  There are many ways to do this. One big no no is do not place your subject in front of a window.  The backlighting will darken your image. Not using enough light (place in the right places), your video will look like an amateur shot it.  Remember this is your brand you are protecting – do not go cheap on this aspect.
  3.   Practice, Practice, Practice.  This not only goes for shooting the video.  Also pay attention to how you carry yourself on camera.  BTW, most people do not like the way they look on camera BUT, it this is your business, no one sells it better than you.  You are the expert. Take time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. This takes practice. Remember with the You Shoot We Edit approach, take 2 is a good thing.

Accessories to consider.  We are not endorsing anybody here.  (Used as examples only)

LED Lights

Soft Lights

Portable Lights

Mics for phones (this can be tricky as phones are changing all the time – check the model of phone you have before making a purchase)

Audio Recorder (great for running pro mics into and syncing the audio tracks to the video through editing)


One key element to this approach is when you are working with DW Video for You Shoot and We Edit is we will train you.  Train you with your camera/phone. Your success is ours. So before you go out and shoot your video, take time to learn.  We are here to help.  

There is so much that can go into a video.  Your message needs to be clear, the images in focus and the storytelling concise. Have fun.

AUTHOR You Shoot We Edit Video Services:

Duane Weed, Video Producer since 1983

Cameraman, Editor, Director, Concept guy and even carries and sets up his own equipment.


Video Blogs produced by DW Video:  Buy Local Michigan  Welcome to my basement Jus Jammin  MI Basement Session

Michigan Farm Video


Michigan Farming Video

Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 for all your video and media production needs.

Pure Michigan Farming Video Production

Call the Buy Local Video Producer Duane Weed to create a video for your business that tells your story!

Michigan Farm Video highlighting a few shots for our Michigan Stock Video library. Promoting Michigan is what we do!  Michigan Stock Video is a service DW Video offers by providing home grown Michigan video available for video producers around the world to use.

In addition DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is providing Michigan Farming Video Production Services for promotional, training and sales use on DVD and on the web.

According to the Pure Michigan website, “Michigan agriculture is homemade wholesome goodness. Pure Michigan’s agriculture contributes over $101 billion to our state’s economy, and you’re invited to taste the difference grown right here in your own community.”  DW Video works with Business and Industry to tell and share their story. Telling their story via video and using local video marketing techniques to share their story on social media and Google. Michigan Farming is a huge industry for Michigan and at DW Video we love promoting local. So much we produce the Buy Local Michigan video blog where we promote Michigan Business, Communities and People.

For complete video and media production services call 231-937-5420 to discuss your video needs. Michigan Farm Video Production – call Duane today!

YouTube Video on Facebook

YouTube Video Facebook Tip

From your Facebook page write good copy to entice people to watch your video.

YouTube Video Facebook Website Tip

Canadian Lakes placed on their home page a link to the video page.

How Canadian Lakes used their YouTube Video on Facebook. From their Discover Canadian Lakes Facebook page they posted about a recent ‘coming soon video’ produced by DW Video.

What they did was create a page on their website to embed the video.  Then on their facebook page they directed to the Canadian Lakes website.  On the home page they have a link to a page with the video embedded.  This is a great way to drive traffic to your site.  NOTE: the only think I would recommend is to provide the link direct to the page the video is on.  We shared this in a past blog post – Best way to use YouTube video links.

Driving people to your website is important. Placing YouTube Video on Facebook is a great way to get social.  Ideal in telling and very important – Sharing your message.






YouTube Video Embed on Website

Creating a page on your website that has the video embedded is perfect.

Producing YouTube Video on Facebook is an ideal way to inspire and educate your current and potential customers.  Sharing the link to your website page that has the video embedded on your site helps drive traffic.



Video Means Business – Contact Duane to not only tell your story.. but to SHARE it as well.  231-937-5420.



Connect with Duane on Linkedin. 

video production services



Best way to use YouTube video links

Sharing YouTube Links

The not so good way to use use Youtube Video Links.

Best way to use YouTube video links. Today, we are lazy and look for the quick way to get our information out. Are you lazy – scroll down to get the answer.

Was at a meeting the other day.  Casey ask Cal to send him some YouTube links.  How many of you have done this?  You get the URL link and place it into an email and send it off.  Sounds simple and easy.  Well lets look at what you potential have done. STOP – what have we really done here?  We all have watched videos and at the end up pops twelve more ‘Suggested Video’ for us to look at.  Can I say SQUIRREL.  We click and are gone.  Right there in front of us is our competition.  We have with one simple click put our competitors in front of our audience.  Shame on us! This is not the best way to use YouTube video links.

What is the Best way to use YouTube video links?

Before I give you a simple way to share your videos. We all want more traffic to our website.  We want to drive people to our site so we increase our brand.  Plus bringing them to our website over a YouTube Channel personalizes our message.

Use YouTube Links

Embed your videos within our website and use that UrL when sharing videos.

So here is the best way to use YouTube video links.  Ready….

Create a page on your website and embed the video within this page.  Write and create content for this page that represents the benefits you provide.  The really cool part of this – the prospect is on YOUR WEBSITE!!!!

Now when you send out a link to your video or videos they are within your website.  Here is another free tip.  If you are using WordPress there is a plug in that allows you to block the suggested videos that come up at the end.   It is nice because there is a check box that that state ‘Disable Related Video Content’. Once the video is complete it goes back to your thumbnail.  This simple tips makes you look very professional.

Do not give your prospects a chance to go else where.  Direct them to your website.  Turn them from a prospect to a customer.

Contact Duane today at 231-937-5420.  We are ready to produce videos for you.


youtube bad practice

Bad practice when sharing just the You Tube URL. Suggested videos gives your prospects a reason to leave you.

YouTube Short Code

WordPress has a great plugin that allows you to block related videos.



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