YouTube Video Facebook Tip

From your Facebook page write good copy to entice people to watch your video.

YouTube Video Facebook Website Tip

Canadian Lakes placed on their home page a link to the video page.

How Canadian Lakes used their YouTube Video on Facebook. From their Discover Canadian Lakes Facebook page they posted about a recent ‘coming soon video’ produced by DW Video.

What they did was create a page on their website to embed the video.  Then on their facebook page they directed to the Canadian Lakes website.  On the home page they have a link to a page with the video embedded.  This is a great way to drive traffic to your site.  NOTE: the only think I would recommend is to provide the link direct to the page the video is on.  We shared this in a past blog post – Best way to use YouTube video links.

Driving people to your website is important. Placing YouTube Video on Facebook is a great way to get social.  Ideal in telling and very important – Sharing your message.





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YouTube Video Embed on Website

Creating a page on your website that has the video embedded is perfect.

Producing YouTube Video on Facebook is an ideal way to inspire and educate your current and potential customers.  Sharing the link to your website page that has the video embedded on your site helps drive traffic.



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