At DW Video we provide website design services to help promote your business.  Website design has changed so much over the years. Today your website needs to be active, quality content and able to look good on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone.







Tips for building a website:

  • Be clear and specific with the goals and direction of what you want out of your website.
  • Research and purchase the right domain name for your business.  Sidenote: Also get your name as a domain.  
  • Research what others have done.  Nothing wring with be inspired by other websites when designing yours.
  • Who is the audience you want to reach.  Then write and design to meet their needs.
  • The Why?  Why is it that you, your business is the solution to the customers need.
  • Layout and Design. Developing a flow chart, content, content and content.  Graphic elements, videos all fall into this phase.
  • Set the Site Title, Page Titles, and Page Descriptions for each page are part of the SEO phase.
  • Site needs to fit desktop, phone and tablet viewing.
  • High Quality Photos and Images.  Logo needs to be in a PNG format.
  • Contact Info – at the top of the page and footer.  Don’t over do it on the pages.  BUT, do not make anyone have to look for how to contact you.  A contact Us page should have a map for easy to find  directions to your location.
  • Any questions Contact Duane

A fun project we are working on promoting Michigan Music. Have a moment check it out.

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