Sharing YouTube Links

The not so good way to use use Youtube Video Links.

Best way to use YouTube video links. Today, we are lazy and look for the quick way to get our information out. Are you lazy – scroll down to get the answer.

Was at a meeting the other day.  Casey ask Cal to send him some YouTube links.  How many of you have done this?  You get the URL link and place it into an email and send it off.  Sounds simple and easy.  Well lets look at what you potential have done. STOP – what have we really done here?  We all have watched videos and at the end up pops twelve more ‘Suggested Video’ for us to look at.  Can I say SQUIRREL.  We click and are gone.  Right there in front of us is our competition.  We have with one simple click put our competitors in front of our audience.  Shame on us! This is not the best way to use YouTube video links.

What is the Best way to use YouTube video links?

Before I give you a simple way to share your videos. We all want more traffic to our website.  We want to drive people to our site so we increase our brand.  Plus bringing them to our website over a YouTube Channel personalizes our message.

Use YouTube Links

Embed your videos within our website and use that UrL when sharing videos.

So here is the best way to use YouTube video links.  Ready….

Create a page on your website and embed the video within this page.  Write and create content for this page that represents the benefits you provide.  The really cool part of this – the prospect is on YOUR WEBSITE!!!!

Now when you send out a link to your video or videos they are within your website.  Here is another free tip.  If you are using WordPress there is a plug in that allows you to block the suggested videos that come up at the end.   It is nice because there is a check box that that state ‘Disable Related Video Content’. Once the video is complete it goes back to your thumbnail.  This simple tips makes you look very professional.

Do not give your prospects a chance to go else where.  Direct them to your website.  Turn them from a prospect to a customer.

Contact Duane today at 231-937-5420.  We are ready to produce videos for you.


youtube bad practice

Bad practice when sharing just the You Tube URL. Suggested videos gives your prospects a reason to leave you.

YouTube Short Code

WordPress has a great plugin that allows you to block related videos.



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