Business Video Types

Business Video Types

Business Video Types include:

  •   Behind the Scenes
  •   Business Intro / Profile
  •   Conferences
  •   Corporate Events
  •   Event Montage
  •   Multi-camera Interview
  •   Landing Page Videos
  •   Motion Graphics
  •   Video for Non-profits
  •   Product Demos
  •   Promotional Videos
  •   Real Estate Showcase
  •   Social media videos
  •   Speeches & Presenters
  •   Client Testimonials
  •   Training Videos
  •   Tutorials & How-To
  •   TV Commercials
  •   Web Videos
  • Custom video production

When looking at the variety of business video types most are not that expensive.  At DW Video we keep our pricing system and an eye on your goal and needs.

Within the business video types there are some key components that hold every production together.

These include:

  •   Do you want sound with that? We have both wired and wireless lavaliers, handheld microphones, and on-camera microphones for great audio.
  •   Quality HD cameras: We run with Digital SLR’s and the Sony Z7U HD Camera for great liquidity and audio capabilities.
    • Experienced camera people paying attention to composition, lighting, audio and flow of every shot.
  •   Professional Scriptwriters ready to take that story, whether it is a feel good video, corporate image segment, TV Commercial or training video, our writers know how to say it in less words.  Talk to the audience, not at them.
  • Editing Suite with quality editors.  Knowing how to carefully craft all the video, images, sound, narrative and have a flow that tells your story… priceless.  We have you covered.
  • Lighting, Teleprompter, backdrops and the list goes on.  We do video, we know video and we are here to help you.

No matter what type of video you need.  Contact Duane at 231-250-9624.  Thank you

Want to feature your Michigan business, Michigan’s Video Storyteller is ready to come to your business and feature your business on Buy Local Michigan.

Do you want sound with that? 

Michigan Craft Breweries-Rockford-Grand Rapids-Mt Pleasant

Michigan Craft Breweries from Rockford-Grand Rapids-Mt Pleasant to all over Michigan.  We are DW Video & Multimedia, LLC., your resource for producing videos that tell your story.  Our Buy Local Video Profile allows people to know your name, learn about your products and services.  Not to mention using the Buy Local Video Profile for testimonials.  Ideal way to tell the story of Michigan Craft Breweries… yours!

In this video example – We begin with Mid Michigan’s #1 Steakhouse, Brewery and Wine Shop featuring hand cut steaks, award winning ribs, fine micro brews and a vast wine selection of over 300 different wines – welcome to Mountain Town Station in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.


Does not matter if you are in Rockford, Grand Rapids, Mt Pleasant or anywhere around our state, we enjoy working with Michigan Craft Breweries.  p.s Does not hurt we enjoy the product as well.

We know you may not want to be on-camera.  We understand.  John and Jen felt the same way – hear what they have to say about how we helped them tell their story.  P.s. this is not a Michigan Craft Breweries company – they manufacture and sell a product to the fishing industry.  And we all know fisherman enjoy a nice cold Pure Michigan beverage.


Michigan Craft Breweries

Mountain Town Station, in Mt. Pleasant Michigan uses Buy Local Video Profiles to tell their story

Give Duane a call today to discuss telling your story 231-937-5420.  Mountain Town Station videos were produced by Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions in Shepherd.  All video production by DW Video.  The Buy Local Video Profile can be produced as a broadcast TV Commercial as well.

According to Alcohol Professor dot com  “Based on the number of breweries per capita, Michigan is the nation’s fifth largest craft beer state in terms of the number of brewpubs, breweries, and microbreweries. The ‘Great Lakes State’ is also home to the reigning ‘Beer City USA,’ Grand Rapids. ”


Midland TV Commercial Video Production

DW Video and KJM Productions team up to provide Midland TV commercial video production services.  Kathy Murphy provides the creative spark.  Every project starts with an idea, then the script.  According to Duane, “Audio is 90% of a good video”.


When writing the script Kathy makes sure your commercial’s script times out to 30 seconds She tells a story using short sentences that grab your potential customer’s attention.  The audio should also tell the customer what you’re advertising even if the customer is in another room and can’t see the TV when your commercial airs.

Once Kathy has the vision, here is where Duane shines – taking her ideas and bringing them to life in video.  Matching video with key words in the script, telling the story visually.



“It is a pet peeve of mine,” Duane continues, “when the contact info is in the last 8 seconds of the commercial”.  For the red Landscaping spots their logo is in one corner and contact info in the other.  Almost the whole spot. Make it easy for the prospect to get your phone number or website address.  We want them to call you.

The Creative Team of Duane and Kathy provide Midland TV Commercial Video Production services.  In addition Kathy is an advertising agency.  She places the ads within the right networks to give you the best exposure.

Midland TV Commercial Video Production for Reder Landscaping.

Have camera will travel. Working on Midland TV Commercial Video Production for Reder Landscaping.


At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we work with you in telling your story.  Contact Duane Today to set up your free one hour consultation…. we are here to help.



KJM Productions and DW Video produce series of landscaping videos

KJM Productions and DW Video produce series of landscaping videos for Midland’s Reder Landscaping.  The Landscaping videos are being used on Reder’s website.

“The vision of the home begins with the home owner.

The vision of the project begins with Reder Landscaping of Midland.”

These are the opening lines to one of the videos showcasing landscaping projects by Reder.

The concept, the writing and visual idea came from Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions.  We had captured numerous landscapes for a TV Commercial and Kathy had a vision to take it further.  Kathy is always looking out for her clients and seeing what else can be done to promote them.

After some talks with DW Video and owner Paul Reder, Kathy personalized the landscape videos, wrote scripts and we then edited them.  The first round was for a DVD that was given to the homeowners as a thank you for allowing us to capture their landscapes on video.  Kathy then did a rewrite and produce these for use on Reder’s website.  We did and wow!

KJM Productions and DW Video produce series of landscaping videos – utilizing videos produced by Kathy Murphy, shot and edited by Duane Weed.

Reder Landscaping website highlights 95% of the videos Kathy Murphy and Duane Weed produced.  These landscape videos add impact to the Reder message on their site.

Using the power of video allow Reder to show off there outstanding work.

Included in the mix of individual landscape projects are the TV Commercials Kathy wrote and produced.  Of course, DW Video did the editing.  According to Duane, “Audio is 90% of a good video.  Kathy makes my job easy.  Her concepts and creative flow allows me to edit these wonderful shots into a series of videos that mean business for Reder Landscaping.”

Reder Landscaping is a notch above the rest when it comes to visualizing their customers needs.  I love their business sense, their ability to transform ideas into reality.  This was taken from their website – “We don’t cut corners. We have the people, experience and dedication to do things right, and with an industry-leading five year warranty on hardscape workmanship, we have the strength, longevity and confidence to stand behind our work.”

The same is true in your message and marketing approach.  Give DW Video a call 231-937-5420.  No matter if it is a landscape video or promotional – have the Creative Team of KJM Productions and DW Video tell your story.

Video Means Business for Michigan produced by DW Video

Digital Media producer Duane Weed produced this video for Acme Marine Group a few years ago – hence the 4:3 aspect ratio – however it is a great example of how we marketed a corporate client that represent video means business.  As of this posting the video has 27,983 video views on you tube.

Working with a well written script and professionally narrated by Steve Yankee. Duane set out to Torch Lake near Traverse City to shoot the scenes needed for the video.  Additional video was taken in West Michigan on the Muskegon River by Browers Park.

Showing people having fun with the product promotes the major benefit of having a great propeller on your boat.  Using creative lighting techniques for the product shots highlights the propeller being made.  On a side note Duane remembers having to shoot the process tight as to not give away trade secrets for how they clamped down the unit.

Contact DW at 231 937-5420 to have a video produced for your business, corporation, school church or non-profit.  Video means business for you.

Acme Marine is renewing expectations of inboard propeller buyers everywhere. All Acme Propellers are engineered, manufactured, inspected and shipped directly from Acmes U.S. facilities. Promoting Michigan Business, Communities and People – DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

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