DW Video and KJM Productions team up to provide Midland TV commercial video production services.  Kathy Murphy provides the creative spark.  Every project starts with an idea, then the script.  According to Duane, “Audio is 90% of a good video”.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/84iU0WLv6FU” title=”Reder%20Neighborhood” rel=”0″]


When writing the script Kathy makes sure your commercial’s script times out to 30 seconds She tells a story using short sentences that grab your potential customer’s attention.  The audio should also tell the customer what you’re advertising even if the customer is in another room and can’t see the TV when your commercial airs.

Once Kathy has the vision, here is where Duane shines – taking her ideas and bringing them to life in video.  Matching video with key words in the script, telling the story visually.


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“It is a pet peeve of mine,” Duane continues, “when the contact info is in the last 8 seconds of the commercial”.  For the red Landscaping spots their logo is in one corner and contact info in the other.  Almost the whole spot. Make it easy for the prospect to get your phone number or website address.  We want them to call you.

The Creative Team of Duane and Kathy provide Midland TV Commercial Video Production services.  In addition Kathy is an advertising agency.  She places the ads within the right networks to give you the best exposure.

Midland TV Commercial Video Production for Reder Landscaping.

Have camera will travel. Working on Midland TV Commercial Video Production for Reder Landscaping.


At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we work with you in telling your story.  Contact Duane Today to set up your free one hour consultation…. we are here to help.



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