video means businessVideo Means Business is a reality.  When a customer/prospect connects with you a sale begins.  A relationship, one that over time is a wonderful thing.

Within 30 seconds to 2 minutes a custom internet video will promote, entertain and educate your potential customers. They will come away knowing more about you, your business, and your products and services. Video offers a sense of comfort with your business. Through video streaming potential customers will have a name…a face…even a voice…and a comfort level with you, before you ever actually meet. Promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People… Video Means Business – for you!

On our Blog Page we have many articles that showcase local businesses, how to use video, marketing and branding tips.  Like this one – What is the cost of video and media production.

Empower your website and social media networks with a custom produced video produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC. Call Duane direct at (231) 937-5420.  

In the video above, Veteran Media Producer Duane Weed shares a short Video Means Business Seminar. Video is a powerful tool. It captures our attention in a very short amount of time.  Here are just a few ways Video Means Business for you: Training Videos, Safety Videos, Promotional Videos, New Product Introductions, Company Image, Video Profiles and Video Testimonials.


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