Social Media and Website Content for your business

Social Media and Website Content for your business

Social Media and Website Content for your business is an ongoing adventure with your audience.  In this article we share 18 creation ideas to engage your customers and prospects?  



Content Ideas


* Video Profiles on each key person in the business

* Look around your business at the products and services you provide.  Everything is fair game for video and photography.  

* Video Testimonials from customers, suppliers, community members and more help in telling your story.  It is our firm belief that customers that share information about you are the best golden nuggets you have.  

* Review videos – use online content (Google – Facebook reviews for example). Create videos around each review – 10-20 seconds.  Good slow drip material.

* Tour Video of your store, factory and office.

* Go around the area and ask business owners, residents about what your business adds to the community.

* Product Videos/Photos – sell or make products – short videos, memes, highlight graphics

* Service Videos/Photos – highlight each service provided. 

* Training – share your expertise.

* Company News Highlights – up to date videos that push brand, any sales you are having, updates on what’s happening, what’s new etc

* Awards

* Content rich blogs, every video should have a blog.  200-500 words

* Feed all social media platforms and do not forget Google My Business.  Short articles, images with good rich short and long tail keywords

* Inspirational quotes on images – short positive videos

* Be the go to person about your industry – the tour guide about what is happening in your community.  Industry news etc

* Create videos-memes from customers’ photos.  These are priceless.  Use content from posts that the business was tagged in.  The possibilities, oh my

* Tips and Tricks on how to use, implement and maximize products and services offered at their business

* Highlight any press on the business by taking the article, videos etc and repurpose the content by creating new posts-blogs-videos.

Example of some Shop Small Business Videos.


Helpful Content Tips

REPOSTING CONTENT – It is okay to repurpose content for social media by posting it a couple months down the road.  Write fresh content in your post description to engage people on why they should watch the video or read the content you are sharing.  Repurposing content helps you to reinforce the knowledge you have.  Very important to be seen as the expert in your field.

SHARING IS CARING – the most important rule in my book is to share with a comment.  Why?  When you share something and add the comment it tells your followers why that post is important.  

FAQ’s – In many businesses there are a number of frequently asked questions.  You have a gold mine here.  Take each question and provide a short video answering the question.  Give examples of why.  

BECOME THE EXPERT – You are the expert in your field.  Providing posts and videos where you provide tips, helpful uses of your products and services engages the viewer without being a hard sell salesman.

UTILIZE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU – It is important that you as the owner become very involved in your brand messaging.  Also, utilize your staff, suppliers and others to help tell your story.  The broker from a Real Estate Company for example may be the main spokesperson. Have the agents also provide content with tips and how to videos.  Build up your team.

GOOGLE & SOCIAL REVIEWS – Utilize reviews as memes and short videos to help build confidence in who and what you are.  Google My Business is one place to share content.

Search Engines feel off from consistent content

In closing, web and social media content is an ongoing process.  Testimonials, Profiles on key members of your business, Tips and Tricks, Training and so much more are all part of the consistent content creation process you need to do.

Duane Weed is a Creative Content Producer.  Have any questions, reach out and ask 231-250-9624.

Social Media and Website Content for your business

Setting Up Facebook LIVE Keywords

When setting up Facebook LIVE Keywords I have found that after your video is up for rebroadcast go to your computer or laptop and set up some tags to help your video to be found. Facebook LIVE offers many possibilities for promoting and marketing your business.

Before you go live make some announcements letting your followers know when and what you are going to be talking about.

Make some notes or an outline to help with a successful broadcast.  Practice before going LIVE.

It helps if the area you are going to record in is not to loud and distracting.  Unless that is what your video is about.  If within a loud environment look into a LAV microphone or shotgun with a windsock.

Work on a good introduction and call to action. Be yourself and keep it personable. This helps the audience engage with you.

It is important to have a STRONG WiFi connection.

When your broadcast grows and you have followers address them when they come on and do your best to answer their guestions.

Any questions contact Duane at 231-250-9624. Thank you


Video Marketing Secrets

Video Marketing Secrets

One of the greatest Video Marketing Secrets is Volume one, Volume Two etc. The more videos you make, the better.

Many times I have spoken on feeding the beast, the search engine beast.  Feed it with content.  Quality content that your prospects and customers need.  Content about how to use your services.  Like with me, how to use video and some video marketing secrets that will help your business grow.

Some more video marketing secrets include: New videos should be posted on a regular schedule. Why do this, it is simple, so that your customers will expect new content from you. Get them following you.  Teach them, train them and they will see you as the expert in your field.  This makes it easier to sell your products and services to them.

Video Marketing SecretsIn our blog about making a video blog I touched on:

1) Know Your Audience.
2) Add humor when possible.
3) Talk to the people, not at them.
4) Pay attention to audio.
5) Blogging is a series.  Part 1, Part 2, etc.
6) Good Composition and Framing.
7) Keep it as short as you can based on the content.
8) Share-Use the social media platform that works best for your business and SHARE!
9) Use Local Video Marketing Techniques to help your videos rank.
10) Call Duane at 231-937-5420 if you have questions or need DW Video to assist.

Video Marketing Secrets is Volume one, Volume Two, Volume three and so on.  Use your expertise and feed the search engine beast with content.  And fee your prospects with information to help them.

For all your video and media production needs, call me, Duane at 231-937-5420 (this line does not accept text messages). Here to help you succeed.  Remember to buy and shop locally!


Community Movement Video

Multiple Sclerosis

Building a community movement video surrounding a great cause is the purpose of a series we are producing for Ashleigh’s iCrush 5k MS Run and Walk event at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids on May  30, 2015.

The iCrush community movement video is based on what do you want CRUSH:  Diabetes, Smoking, Multiple Multiple Sclerosis and the list goes on.

For the event on May 30, 2015 we are Crushing MS.  Ashleigh was diagnosed with MS in 2013.  She is a 25 year old mother and wife who is in need of a reliable handicap van to help her get to her medical appointments and allow for increased independence. Our goal is to help Ashleigh live a fuller life and allow for her family to do the things the many of us take for granted. Kevin devoted husband shares their story and what a story it is.

community movement video

Working with Kevin and Ash – Inspiring!

iCrush community movement video

Joking on the set brings out the best in all of us.

To create the community movement video we begin by interviewing the couple getting the back story.  Making a personal connection for the ‘Why’ of the event is tell Ashleigh’s story.  From our interview shoot there are going to be a number of videos.

Will be following this project as we move forward.

Run, walk, and fight Multiple Sclerosis with us on May 30, 2015 at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, MI.  ** Registration will be open on Monday, March 9th. Be sure to save the date! **


Shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes

Comment on your shares

Not only ‘like’ the page but ‘share’ as well. Commenting engages others and expands your reach.

Share Key SharingCommenting provides more power than likes so, shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes – is that true?  Why would that be?

  • Shares are more visible on Facebook pages than likes.
  • You can share a message, a thought and encourage engagement when you share.
  • By sharing it encourage Facebook users to click on your link because you made it social and offered your insight.
  • From my research shares can lead to more traffic

Likes are easy, people can engage quickly and move on with their day.  Shares on the other hand take some thought.  For that reason they are harder to get.  When a person takes the time to engage with your post, they are giving of the one thing that is valuable… their time. However, just like a share can be valuable because someone takes time to post – we all hope for a positive thought.  By posting content on your Facebook the content is exposed to the people that follow your page.  Now imagine people on your site share your post it opens you up to people on their page.  This increases your reach.  Increases your exposure.  Others may see your content that may have never  heard of you before.  It is important to have people both ‘like’ and ‘share’ . On our Buy Local Michigan Video Blog I have noticed just how ‘shares’ expand your message and reach.  The below examples show how sharing really increases the reach of these posts.

facebook shares

Support local business – Share their Posts, Positive Comments on Shares and LIKE their post.

shares and likes

The more shares your post receive the large audience your post receives.

Shares are more visible

Sharing posts increase your potential audience.

Contact Duane today for all your video and media production needs: 231-937-5420. Follow Buy Local Michigan on Twitter –

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