When setting up Facebook LIVE Keywords I have found that after your video is up for rebroadcast go to your computer or laptop and set up some tags to help your video to be found. Facebook LIVE offers many possibilities for promoting and marketing your business.

Before you go live make some announcements letting your followers know when and what you are going to be talking about.

Make some notes or an outline to help with a successful broadcast.  Practice before going LIVE.

It helps if the area you are going to record in is not to loud and distracting.  Unless that is what your video is about.  If within a loud environment look into a LAV microphone or shotgun with a windsock.

Work on a good introduction and call to action. Be yourself and keep it personable. This helps the audience engage with you.

It is important to have a STRONG WiFi connection.

When your broadcast grows and you have followers address them when they come on and do your best to answer their guestions.

Any questions contact Duane at 231-250-9624. Thank you


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