Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe online is a film retelling the fable of “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” The animation teaches children that people online may not be who they seem. Funded by a Merit Grant from The Ferris Foundation, the project is intended to instill behaviors in children that will help prevent them from becoming victims of cyber predators. Students in Assistant Professor of Social Work Elizabeth Post’s class wrote the film’s script. Members of the Alpha Psi Omega Theater Honor Society provided voiceovers. A team from the Music and Entertainment Business program, led by Assistant Professor Paul Kwant, is providing the film’s musical score, and Sports Entertainment Hospitality Management Adjunct Instructor and university Coalition Against Slavery co-chair Karen Kiio provided operational assistance. The video animation was produced by Ferris State University 1983 alum Duane Weed from DW Video in Howard City.   SOURCE:

Keeping Kids Safe online

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(Left to right) Actresses Voca Ford and April Wilson, music supervisor Paul Kwant, project leader Hira Herrington, scriptwriter Alicia Drumm, actor Colin Assink, recording engineer Frank Krywicki Animator-DW Video & Multimedia, producer and director Duane Weed of DW Video & Multimedia and actress Lilia Herdegen are working to produce a video to inform elementary school students about the dangers of cyber predators and gathered for voiceover recording at Ferris’ Music and Entertainment Business Studio.


Cyber Safe Film: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Funded by The Ferris Foundation

Based on Aesop’s fable The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Produced and Directed

DW Video and Multimedia


Frank Krywicki

Executive Producer and Project Coordinator

Hira Herrington, PhD, College of Business


Colin Assink

Voca Ford

Lilia Herdegen

April Wilson


Kathryn Meidt

Professor in Charge of Script

Elizabeth Post, MSW, College of Arts and Sciences


Alicia Drumm

Megan Monroe

Sarah Nestell

Haley Kihn

Music and Sound Supervisor

Paul Kwant, MS, College of Business

Recording Engineer

Steven Schaefer

Music Consultant

Katlin Merby


Patty Terryn

Special thanks to Ferris State University’s Coalition Against Slavery


Karyn Kiio, MS, College of Business

Elizabeth Post, MSW, College of Arts and Sciences

Motivation for Success

When we talk about motivation for success it can come from anywhere.  From friends, co-workers, an inspiring article or from your family.

Being an alum of Ferris State University, it was a college when I was there, I follow their feeds when this article sparked this motivation for success blog post.

The article can be found at

and deals with the Ferris State Quarterback Jason Vander-Laan and his successes.  What struck me that his motivation to success was inspired by his sisters.  According to the Football Matters article Jason states, “All throughout high school, both of my sisters had 4.0 grade-point averages,” Vander Laan said. “So they kind of set the bar incredibly high. I was always trying to do as good as them.”

What also struck me was the article was not about ‘me’.  It was about how his motivation for success came from his family and the hundred other players on the team.  In business and in life we have to carve our own motivation to success.  What does this look like to you?  What are you doing to better yourself and others.  In a recent conversation with a client he talked about how ‘doing the right thing’ treating people with respect’ and trusting in God has made his success.  For him, yes success has its financial rewards but he was most proud on how he treated others and how his motivation for success was about others, not himself.  Side note, I really enjoy and love my customers.

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Mecosta County Big Rapids YouTube Video

Mecosta County Big Rapids Michigan YouTube Video

Promoting Big Rapids and Mecosta County with YouTube video and SEO.

 Mecosta County Big Rapids YouTube Video promoting Michigan businesses. To reach out and connect with our prospects we are using YouTube to reach Mecosta and Big Rapids businesses.  Growing up in the area I have witnessed many people doing wonderful things. The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce is an ideal resource for learning more about the area. The Big Rapids Downtown Business Association and the Canadian Lakes Property Owners Association are other resources for learning more about the area.

Businesses and organizations need to use the power of video and the power of YouTube to get your message out to prospects and customers.  DW Video is your source to videos that tell your story, AND we are going to provide you a FREE video.  We do so by providing a special offer within the video for  Mecosta County and surrounding areas by calling 231-937-5420.

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[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Mecosta%20County%20Big%20Rapids%20Video” rel=”0″]


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GoPro Handheld Stabilizer

Feiyu G3 Handheld Stabilizer

First time using the Feiyu G3 Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro HERO was for Ferris State University.

I love me some toys and the Feiyu G3 GoPro Handheld Stabilizer is one that has many uses… and for not a lot of money.

For what you pay the results are wonderful.  I have found like everything else there is a slight learning curve.  Practice does make perfect.  The GoPro Handheld Stabilizer works just like their website states.

Taken from the Helipal website, “3-Axis is referring to Pitch, Roll and Pan axis, when you are walking or even running, the gyrosope inside the gimbal will pick up your movement and tell all three motors to counter-act your movement and keep the gimbal stable, the result is giving you extremely smooth and fluent video.”

The “Magic Wand” for the GoPro Hero is light weight and easy to use with just one button. Pitch, Follow and Target mode are controlled by the one button operation.  Personally I found the follow mode to work the best for me.  This will have to be a choice you make based on your shooting style.

The GoPro Handheld Stabilizer uses three batteries that you can get from the companies website, they can also be purchased from on-line stores like Amazon. The batteries seem to last awhile.  It would be nice to have a battery level monitor.  To not purchase for that reason would be silly – I really like mine.  Now if they could make one that is low cost that would handle my DSLR.

This video is one DW Video produced for Ferris State University.  Looking at it there are at least eight shots using the GoPro Handheld Stabilizer.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”GoPro%20Handheld%20Stabilizer%20Ferris%20Project” rel=”0″]


GoPro Handheld StabilizerIf I had to find one complaint and to be real do not know what could have been done differently.  That is, it is not real rugged and feel I have to be careful all the time to not break it.  However, be careful especially when packing it away.  Add the GoPro Handheld Stabilizer to your bag of tricks.  A great tool for for any video producers toolbox.

broadcast media For all your video and media production needs give Duane a call at 231-937-5420.  Connect with Duane on Linkedin. At DW Video we provide video and media services all over Michigan including the cities of Grand Rapids, Rockford, Reed City, NewaygoMuskegonMount PleasantGreenvilleFremont and Cedar Springs.

Check out all the videos DW Video produced for Ferris State University CLICK HERE.

Big Rapids Ferris State University

Big Rapids-Ferris State University

FSU markets through videos – By Cortney Erndt Pioneer Staff Writer.

Big Rapids Ferris State University is trying a new marketing strategy this school year – the power of video and visual appeal.  In May, the Department of Enrollment Services contracted DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, to produce three videos to market the university. The completed videos have been entitled, “Welcome to Ferris,” “Campus Life” and “Bulldog Parent Testimonial.”

“One of the things we’ve been trying to do is to provide visitors with as much flavor of the campus as possible,” said Kristen Salomonson, FSU’s dean of Enrollment Services, and director of Admission and Records. The most influential experience for prospective students is their campus tour, Salomonson said.

Last year, the university put together a committee to maximize the experience of visitors after hearing feedback. “Some visitors said they didn’t get as much of a flavor of campus as they would have liked,” Salomonson said. “We asked ourselves, ‘When visitors come to campus, how do they feel? Were all their questions answered?’

The committee questioned how the enrollment department could make a visit to FSU a special experience that people will remember, Salomonson said. The committee decided to create and present videos that encompass what FSU offers. “The main purpose of the videos is to be used during campus tours,” said Duane Weed, video producer of DW Video & Multimedia,
LLC. “Tours begin with a presentation at Williams Auditorium. The videos give PowerPoint presentations a huge boost.”

Weed began the video-creation process by researching other videos, he said. “As the producer, my main goal was to make the video real – not scripted,” Weed said. “We wanted to tell the story through interviews. The team agreed and the process of setting up interviews and video capture began.”

However, the department and Weed faced a challenge – many of the university’s visitors are not prospective students.  “Many of our visitors are parents,” Salomonson said. “So, we decided to do some video to relate to them as well.”

Lindsey Cuddeback, FSU admissions coordinator on social media, and Jason Daday, FSU admissions representative, helped Weed set up interviews with parents, students and professors.

“A key element in any production is teamwork and communication,” Weed said. “I spent nearly 40 hours of producing, making phone calls, scheduling and setting up shots all before the cameras were even taken out of their cases.”

Weed called on members of his creative team, including Dan Salas, Frank Krywicki and Ben Slater, to begin capturing on-location video. “Captured video resulted in nearly a half
terabyte of raw footage and 10 days of video capture,” Weed said. “Frank and I spent around 80 hours of editing.” A terabyte is a large unit of stored information, equal to 1,024 gigabytes.

The cost of contracting DW Video & Multimedia, LLC, was between $4,000 and $5,000, Salomonson said.

“We felt it was very cost effective because we can use the videos in a variety of ways,” Salomonson said. “We were really attracted to working with Duane because he is a Ferris alumnus and did a lot of previous work in the community.”

The range of cost is based on how much work is put into creating the videos, Weed said. “The number of days of on-location video capture, scripting, producing, graphics, motion
graphics, animation, editing, encoding and authoring the final video are key items to consider,” Weed said.

Videos produced by Weed typically range between $500 and $10,000, he said. “We live in a media-driven world and video is a key element in how a message is delivered,” Weed said. “Video has an impact for all businesses, nonprofits and schools. Telling their story in a short amount of time is important.”

Video can reach a larger audience compared to other marketing strategies, Weed said. Other key factors include print, billboards, radio and TV.

The three videos can be found here.

FSU markets through videos – By Cortney Erndt Pioneer Staff Writer.

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We also produced a fun Behind the Scenes video on the making of the Ferris Videos.

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