Feiyu G3 Handheld Stabilizer

First time using the Feiyu G3 Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro HERO was for Ferris State University.

I love me some toys and the Feiyu G3 GoPro Handheld Stabilizer is one that has many uses… and for not a lot of money.

For what you pay the results are wonderful.  I have found like everything else there is a slight learning curve.  Practice does make perfect.  The GoPro Handheld Stabilizer works just like their website states.

Taken from the Helipal website, “3-Axis is referring to Pitch, Roll and Pan axis, when you are walking or even running, the gyrosope inside the gimbal will pick up your movement and tell all three motors to counter-act your movement and keep the gimbal stable, the result is giving you extremely smooth and fluent video.”

The “Magic Wand” for the GoPro Hero is light weight and easy to use with just one button. Pitch, Follow and Target mode are controlled by the one button operation.  Personally I found the follow mode to work the best for me.  This will have to be a choice you make based on your shooting style.

The GoPro Handheld Stabilizer uses three batteries that you can get from the companies website, they can also be purchased from on-line stores like Amazon. The batteries seem to last awhile.  It would be nice to have a battery level monitor.  To not purchase for that reason would be silly – I really like mine.  Now if they could make one that is low cost that would handle my DSLR.

This video is one DW Video produced for Ferris State University.  Looking at it there are at least eight shots using the GoPro Handheld Stabilizer.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/lCDxWci-8QQ” title=”GoPro%20Handheld%20Stabilizer%20Ferris%20Project” rel=”0″]


GoPro Handheld StabilizerIf I had to find one complaint and to be real do not know what could have been done differently.  That is, it is not real rugged and feel I have to be careful all the time to not break it.  However, be careful especially when packing it away.  Add the GoPro Handheld Stabilizer to your bag of tricks.  A great tool for for any video producers toolbox.

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