Time Lapse for Medical Video

Activate patients and medical professionals is what Dr. Harpreet Singh and Vital Checklist is all about.

DW Video produces medical videos for Vital Checklist to help patients and doctors have a better experience. Enjoy this fun video taken during the taping of three new videos. Video does not have to be hard sell – often it is best to lay back and let it flow.

At DW Video we believe the patient experience in medical videos needs to be personal.  We need to talk to the audience, not down to them.  Our production style is that of story telling.  Having real people share their story.  Having Dr. Singh talk to you in layman’s terms.

medical videos

Making it real in producing medical videos is what we do at DW Video.

Medical videos just like medicine, is a science and an art. Your audience needs to connect with you.  It is not flashy… it is real.  That is what DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is doing for Vital Checklist and DrSinghMD.org.  Check out our many videos on their sites.

With our medical videos Dr. Harpreet Singh shares his technique of patient education which has helped others with education and compassion among his patients and their families.  “It is an honor for me to help Dr. Singh with his medical videos” Duane Weed

Time Lapse Video – Michigan Winter – Using GoPro Hero3

Time Lapse Video using the GoPro Hero 3

The winter of 2014 found video producer Duane Weed capturing some stock footage and time lapse video around Michigan.

The winter of 2014 is one we will not forget.   It will be remembered for the amount of days schools were closed.  The amount of snow and the number of days of cold weather – also called the polar vortex will be in our minds for awhile. During this time I decided to shoot some time lapse videos with my GoPro Hero 3.  Time lapse is a series of frames taken at an interval to give you the result you are looking for.  When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.

Like with any effect you do not want to over do it, add Time Lapse Video as at tool for telling a story.   Here are a few examples – similar in style – all around our great state of Michigan.

It may have been cold and windy outside – this Michigan Time Lapse was done over a one hour time frame,  Edited with Sony Vegas Pro the slow zoom in was done in editing. The final was put to a buy out music soundtrack.


A Michigan Sunrise is beautiful. Editor Duane Weed took this time lapse with the GoPro.  During editing added titles and movement to the final video.  Then used a buy out music cut to not infringe on copyright issues.


In Frankport there was a storm coming in across Lake Michigan. Using the GoPro set this time lapse for around 45 minutes.  Love the cloud action.


Using many techniques to tell a story – Time Lapse Video is a great tool for your storytelling toolbox.

Video Produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC

For more information on the Go Pro click here.

DW Video uses Go Pro for Time-Lapse Video

DW Video uses Go Pro for Time-Lapse Video. All work and no play… that is boring.  Drumming has always been a love of media producer DW.  Here is a fun little time-lapse clip along with audio from that mornings worship service at Solon Center Wesleyan Church, Cedar Springs.   For all your digital video needs (and some drumming on the side) check out dwvideo.com.php56-26.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com.

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