DW Video to dvd transfer


All work done in-house, taking great care of your precious memories.

DW Video to DVD transfer service is one of the ways you can preserve your memories and share with others.

VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, DVCAM, Hi-8, 8mm Video, Digital 8mm, BetacamSP,  Betamax  are the formats DW Video to DVD transfer service offer.

Over the years we have come across a few videotapes that have come in stuck to itself.  The emulsion actually begins to glue together. It is important that you fast forward and rewind your videotapes once a year.  It is called exercising your tapes. Please do not wait until the memories are lost… bring them to DW Video and we can take it from there.

All work done in-house.  Don’t trust your memories to companies that send them out of state to have transferred. For the gift you cannot find in a store – convert to DVD and share.

DW Video to DVD transfer service knows how to save you money. We do not charge per tape.  Why, because we know people did not always fill up the tapes.  We use a 2 hour transfer length and have a special rate that allows your to maximize the 2 hour capacity. This saves money not only in the transfer but when making copies.  Just today we completed a 13 tape transfer project that ended up on only eight master DVD’s.

 Looking for the special gift, get your videotapes around and call DW Video today – 231-937-5420.  For even more information check out this blog post


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