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February 17, 2015 | WGVU  Inventors using video and multimedia for marketing and promotion. Our guest Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Duane Weed owner of DW Video and how he helps inventors tell their story with video.

Innovation Talk – February 17, 2015 | WGVU

producing video on-line testimonials

For years we have been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others.  It is a humbling experience when the kind words are returned.  Casey DuBois a board member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and one of the founding members of GR Makers.  We were at a GRIN meeting and I was recording the presentation on 3D Laser printers… wow, very cool by the way.

At the end of the meeting Casey informed the group of DW Video & Multimedia’s new Buy Local Michigan’s Video Blog.  The following video was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”GRIN%20recommends%20DW%20Video” width=”380″ height=”270″ rel=”0″]


DW Video has been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others for use on their websites and social media sites.  Sharing your story with others is important.  Producing video 0n-line testimonials sell your products and services.

producing video on-line testimonials

Buy Local Michigan Video Blog is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  Our goal is to promote Michigan Businesses, Communities and People.  Businesses include everyone: Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Organizations, Health Care, Non-Profits, Schools, Universities and Professional Services.  Communities include: Cities, Villages, Towns and Tourism.  People include Sports-Political-Actors and anyone doing great works.




VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks & VZ Hang Finish Trim Hooks are designed with the homeowner in mind. Whether you are hanging decor on your vinyl siding or lights on your finish trim you will benefit from the innovative design and quality workmanship.

vz hang finish trim hooks

New VZ Hang® Finish Trim Hooks are designed to hang lights and banners from your Finish Trim.

vz hang vinyl siding hooks

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks designed so that any person could hang outdoor decor on their vinyl siding without any tools or holes!

Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions wrote the script for this one.

Make a bare wall of vinyl siding come to life…with VZ-Hang Siding Hooks from LARCO PRODUCTS!

VZ Hang installs in a snap…with no tools…no holes…& no damage to your siding!!!

Outdoor Art, Thermometers, Clocks, Signs, Crafts, Wreaths…even Holiday lights can be hung in an instant with VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks! Made here in Michigan!

Don’t drill it…or damage it…VZ Hang it!!! Available at these and other local retailers.


The benefits of the  VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks include Simple hook design, installs quickly and easily. Holds up to 5 pounds!  No tools or holes to drill, does not damage your siding or finish trim.  The unique design allows you to remove and relocate many times over. Polypropylene with UV ray inhibitors, small and nearly invisible.

Connie and Bill Larson, owners of Larco Products are also members of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”VZ%20Hang” rel=”0″]


Contact Duane to discuss how a video can help your business – 231-937-5420.


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Splash Count – The Portable Pace Clock

Splash Count – The Portable pace clock you can count on. Splash Count can be used for swimming, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field and more.  The Splash Count The Portable Pace Clock is a patented product of Benson Products, LLC.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Splash%20Count” rel=”0″]


The script for Splash County was written by Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions.

Splash Count

Introducing the versatile portable, totally submersible Splash Count™ from Benson Products, LLC

“Hi, I’m Lynn Benson, the creator of the “Splash Count.” The concept of Splash Count came from my experience as a competitive swimmer, Physical education Teacher, and as supervisor for aquatics programs for Rockford Public Schools, in Rockford, Michigan.

After using unreliable swim lap counters, that often fell apart just before a meet, the concept for a reliable swim lap counter, and pace clock for distance swimmers was born.

“Splash Count is a portable, and submersible device. When positioned at the bottom of the pool, in the lane of a swimmer, Splash Count is easily visible. The swimmer can keep their head down and see their pace in practice. During swim meets, it can be used as a lap counter for distance events.

Best of all…Splash Count is versatile. It requires no installation, and can travel from pool to gym to field while keeping time. Out of the pool, coaches find it useful for basketball…soccer…lacrosse…track and field…and more. With its’ four function capability, Splash Count can time up…time down…lap count… and game score. It can even score for two teams. It’s easy to operate… portable…submersible…and durable.

The remote control and battery operation makes it exceptional. Whether you’re an athlete, or a coach, Splash Count was created with you in mind, and  0ffers a reliable tool to improve your team’s overall performance.

“Splash Count…the portable pace clock…that you can count on.”

Lynn is a proud member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.

Script written by Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions.

Produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC

Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to discuss your video and web needs.

Grand Rapids Inventors


Grand Rapids Inventors share their experience with GRIN.


Members come from all over West Michigan.

Attention Grand Rapids Inventors, we welcome you to join us as you begin to take a journey from idea to market.  GRIN, as many in the Grand Rapids Inventors Network call it is a growing group of individuals that have invented something and now need help with manufacturing, obtaining a patent, getting funding, marketing, Amazon and more.

As the name states it is more than just Grand Rapids Inventors.  Coming from Big Rapids, Howard City, Rockford, Grand Haven and Muskegon are just a few of the communities GRIN members come from.

I first got involved with GRIN through current President Joe Finkler when I did a couple small projects for his ‘As Seen On TV’ business.  He had heard about me through GRIN member Connie and Bill Larson from Larco Products.  We (DW Video and Joe) began looking at how to market GRIN.  Two videos were produced though having members of the board tell the story of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.  Here is one of those videos.


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Grand%20Rapids%20Inventors” rel=”0″]



Grand Rapids Inventors Network is a resource to all who have an idea.


Members share insight that go beyond a scripted production. Keep it real.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to keep it real.  With social media being a big part of the American public’s routine.  People want to connect with others.  That is the basis of our Buy Local Video Profiles.

We are now marketing GRIN through video testimonials from their members.  At a recent GRIN meeting the process was started – six members shared their story on how GRIN has help them on their inventors journey.  It continues to amaze me the golden nuggets that we get with interviewing members of business and their customers.  Soundbites that are just plain awesome and work to really promote a business, organization, school etc.  We will get a few more and then go into production to produce more videos for YouTube, Social Media and the Grand Rapids Inventors Network website.


GRIN encourages members and provides resources.


No matter what phase of the invention process you are at… GRIN can help.

To all the Grand Rapids Inventors out there – Come attend a meeting  (the first one is free) and find out how they can help you with both your invention idea and with the steps to success as an inventor.  This is a journey and you are not alone.  Why spend thousands of dollars trying to do it yourself.  Reach out to the many mentors that are at every GRIN meeting.  You will be glad you did.

For more information on GRIN visit their website for directions and times.

DW Video is standing by to tell your story.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.  

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Grand Rapids Inventors Network

GRIN Video


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