Your competition is telling their story, are you?   Personalizing your message to connect with the prospect and your current customer base is an on going effort on your part.  Using video to personalize your business and reach out to your prospects and customers needs to be part of your marketing plan.  One video is not the end all.  A variety of videos that you can use to build up a YouTube channel is important. Is your competition using video then you must.  If they are not, then you need to be ahead of the curve and share your story.  Share your products, services and knowledge to turn those prospects into customers.

Having a blog that is part of your website that you are feeding the Google monster (Google SEO Guide) with on-going content aimed at informing your people is another key element in your marketing mix. This takes me to the title of this blog post, Your competition is telling their story, are you?  Using video on your site, in multiple places and within your blogs is a good plan.  When it comes to your blog feeding it with good relevant content needs to be part of your strategy.  Relevant content is key based on your business type and the SEO keywords.  I learn recently that a blog post series on Dr. Singh’s iCrush Diabetes seminar series was iffy on relevant to my site.  You see my intent was to promote the series produced for him on Diabetes. However diabetes keywords used were not relevant to my video production site.  This would end up hurting me with the search engines.

So what I did is turn the blog post titles to include seminar video example and then change the content to talk about examples of the videos we produced.  Did I do this correctly, jury is still out on this one.  Did I learn something?  Sure did!  This goes to show that we are all students and can be taught, sometimes through failure.  Ouch, those hurt but a lesson we do not usually forget.

Getting back to my theme – Your competition is telling their story, are you?   Your competition is out there eating away at a market share.  You need to be ahead of them in your message.  People like doing business with people they know and trust.  Contact me at 231-937-5420 to discuss how we can help you.

Enjoy this fun behind the scenes video DW Video produced on their Ferris State University project.


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