From our last post on the cost of video/media it is fair now to to turn to “What goes into a video and media production”.  Lets dive straight into the elements of a video.

1) Concept:  Does the concept require a script?  Does it require a series of interviews to tell the story?  Who is the audience?  What is the result you are looking for from the video?

2) Parts and Pieces:  What do I mean?  There are many aspects of video production and the parts that go into a video.  To begin with where do we go to get the video – more on that in number three.  Graphics, Animation, Soundtrack, Actors are a few items that in most cases need to begin right away to be ready by post time.

3) Location video. How many days will it take to acquire the raw video for your project?  Is it hours or days… important to know because this has a lot to do with total cost.

4) The type of gear used.  Is it 2K, 4K, RED or Digital SLR 1080HD.  Do we own the equipment or have to rent it?  Makes a huge difference on your cost.

5) Creative Team – who do we on the production is key to the end result.  Writers, Camera People, Lighting, Animators, Graphic Design, Editors and more.  Who is needed to make your production successful?

I found this on-line and found it interesting.  So what goes into a video and media production?  Here is a list I found on-line.  This is an average from around the United States.  Please note that according to these prices DW Video is low.

What goes into a video and media production


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