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We tell the story of your wedding day in a simple, elegant documentary style wedding video. Below highlights  all the parts from a completed video for Nate and Gretchen. These are part of the scene selection on the customers DVD.

According to Linda Meeuwenberg the brides mother “Just opened and watched the video of Gretchen and Nate. Wow!! Great job Duane Arthur Weed of DW Video in Howard City. Thanks for capturing the memories.”

Once upon a time their was a boy and a girl that were introduced by the girl’s father.  A couple years later this girl  was marring her best friend. We begin with the wedding rehearsal.

Always interesting to learn how a wedding couple first met.  I enjoy it when the stories match. 

 Every story has a beginning.  For Nate and Gretchen we begin with their first date.

 The couple and guest arrive at the castle for the beginning of the wedding day. Our cameras are busy capturing your day.

The wedding proposal is special.  This one took some twist and turns as this fairy tale continues.

 Hearing the voices of our parents or the special Uncle that is filling in for the Brides Father that passed away a couple years back.  Capturing these special wedding day messages is priceless and tells your story. 

 ‘I do’ is an important statement and one that is precious in every wedding ceremony.  Watch as the bride walks along the outside of the castle, meets up with her king and exchanges the special marriage vows.  Just like in a fairy tale, this real life exchange will last happily every after. 

 Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away there was a fairy tale wedding.  The Queen had found her King and they sealed the marriage with the exchange of rings. Outside this castle on a cool fall day… a beginning.

The receiving line and guest sharing the joy with family and friends.  Multiple cameras capture the excitement. 

A special introduction to the couples wedding reception. Capturing all the memories of your wedding day.  

That moment when the room goes silent to remember a very special person… the Brides Father.

That one person that knows you the best is ask to say something special in his toast.  The Best Man Toast is an honored part of your special day. 

Hearing the special stories from your maid of honor is a special time of the wedding reception.  

 That moment you take your brides hand and dance that first dance as husband and wife… priceless. Editing in photos of the couple when they were younger during this dance is a nice touch to make the parents cry.

The Father-Daughter Dance is a special time.  In this case the Brides father had passed away a few years ago and her Uncle had the honor of dancing with the bride.

In the case of this wedding the bride and mother of the bride wanted to video documentary style.  That means capturing the events in a more long form style.  Here is the The Bouquet and Garter Toss.  

Closing the video with a personal message is an ideal way for the bride and groom to share their emotions from the day.  


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