What is a websites social value? Getting a user to return frequently is important.  The goal is to find ways to focus on the prospects needs and serve them with content. As a result, you’ll get the kind of ‘stickiness’ on your website that will bring people back.

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One way video can help is to have your videos transcribed and then place text content on your web page underneath your video. This way users and search engines can read the content. If someone can’t turn the sound on because they are at work, they can still get the information.  This can be time consuming, however for SEO… it may be worth it.  Note: this is on our to do list for testing – more later.

websites social factor

Found some good information on this website http://www.wordtracker.com/academy/video-for-seo

Video Means Business – Having a Buy Local Video Profile produced for each of your key personal goes along way in building trust with prospects and keeping eyes on your site longer. What do we mean?  While a person is watching your video they are staying on your website.  By doing this they are looking at other elements of your site.  Keeping them on your site while they get to know you, your business and your products and services.  Goes along way in making the sale.

By using the video profile you share your story.  This can include new product announcements, equipment updates, new services being added to your business, video testimonials and much more.  Your story is told in a clean, professional and compelling way… all the while creating your websites social value.

A websites social value can mean people today want to get to know you before doing business with you.  It is hard in this fast pace world of media.  It is not always a Buy Local world, however it needs to be.  Customers supporting local businesses also support the infistructure of fire, police and road maintenance. Buying local supports schools and local clubs, events and churches.  Buying local keeps monies in your community, helps businesses grow, which in turn helps drive the local economy and good will.  Without local customers supporting businesses… the roads deterioate, schools cut programs, fire and police departments.  Businesses give when they are supported.

As a business you need to tell your story.  The Buy Local Video Profile does that on your website, social media sites, broadcast commercials and on DVD.


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