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Don’t let your videotapes turn into this.

Will your videotapes last forever? No

At DW Video and Multimedia we have been doing videotape to dvd transfers for years.  Serving West Michigan communities of  Big Rapids, Greenville, Reed City, Cedar Springs, Rockford, Newaygo and Fremont since 1984.

Our goal is to take your videotapes and provide you many years of enjoyment.  Some places charge per videotape.  However, with our videotape to dvd transfer service we work off a 2 hour transfer.  Meaning we do not charge $25 for each transfer.  For example you have two one hour tapes – $25.  Now lets say you have four half hour tapes.  Our video transfer service rate would be $25 for two of the videos.  The other two tapes would be at $5 each or $10.  Total $35.00.  Then for a low cost we provide very affordable dvd copies.   DVD’s need to be shared.

What formats can we transfer: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, 3/4 U-Matic, BetacamSP and BetaMax.


Videotape to DVD transfers by DW Video.

Videotape to DVD transfers by DW Video.

We do not know how long videotapes will last.  It is important to get your family and business memories transferred to DVD. Give DW Video a call 231-937-5420.

dvd transfers

Family memories are priceless

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