The art of storytelling has been around for centuries and the art of video storytelling is here today. We are wired to listen and we learn better if someone’s words and visuals can have both meaning and emotion. Here are some tips on video storytelling. 1) Keep it simple. Keep it easy to understand. 2. Play off Emotion. Does your story solve a problem?  Does it make someones life easy? In this video Dr. Singh’s patient has a story on how he has changed her life.  After conducting the interview the passion in Barb’s voice. I pictured the video in my head.  Going the extra mile and recording at her home really helped tell the story. [youtube_sc url=”” title=”Video%20Storytelling” rel=”0″]


Video Storytelling is an art. Connect with your audience by making it real and sharing emotion.

3) Keep it real and tell the truth.  As a consumer we know when the message is fake and there is something wrong in Denmark. 4) You have to know your audience and address there problem – solution when doing video storytelling. One of my favorite movies, Eddie and the Cruisers. Eddie was talking to his song writer, ‘Words and Music Kid – Words and Music’.  The combination of words and video carry the same power.  Telling your story and keeping it simple is what most of us want.  Especially when telling your story on your blog, social media and websites. Knowing that when a student is coming to a College or University the parent is with them.  Knowing this part of our story for promoting Ferris State University we interviewed a proud Bulldog parent.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Proud%20Bulldog%20Parent%20″ rel=”0″]


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