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Telling a video story is what Producer-Director Duane Weed is all about – your story.

Telling your video story does not have to be complicated.  In this example I took an audio recording and pick certain segments to tell that story.  For video used the GoPro time lapse function – then the edit using Sony Vegas.   After picking out the audio segments enhanced the video story with title graphics to bring home the message – this is not easy.  It took an hour or two to find just the right segments to use.  It is a soft sell approach, not in your face advertising.  Connecting with an emotion, a thought, a message.  The video story is that – a story…. your story.  For years we have preached that everyone has a story and we are telling it.  Yes that is true – it is our job.  However, it is also our passion… our purpose in life.

A video story has a message that inspires.  The story is what moves people into a call to action.  Is that call to action to call you?  Is it to visit a web page set up for the viewer?  Is it to make them pause and think.  Video does all that – DW Video does all that.  Contact Duane today to discuss your story.

Everyone has a story to tell – that story can be told in a varitey of ways.  What we do at DW Video is work with you to meet your goals, focus on your audience and promote the benefits you and your business offers.



We are here to help you.  Call Duane at 231-937-5420.

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