Dr. Harpreet Singh had DW Video produce over 80 videos in six months to build their YouTube Channel.

West Michigan needs to use video marketing to build an audience, build trust and credibility. These are three very important reasons to use video marketing in your business, school, church and non-profit. Everyone has a story to tell. Video marketing is an ideal way to tell it. DW Video is your resource – 231-937-5420.

As we know YouTube is everywhere. YouTube as we know, is a huge search engine and social media gathering place. Do you want to get noticed by potential clients? Do you want to build a connection with them? Video Marketing is the answer.

Today, YouTube has changed how we watch video and how video can be used to market your business, demonstrate your product and inform your audience… turning prospects into customers.

With Video Marketing, content is KING. At DW Video, so many of our videos over the past few years have become simpler and more cost-effective. Dr, Harpreet Singh approached us in the fall of 2013. He wanted to inform and educate patients. Not only with through educational content but through the power of the video testimonial. In less than six months we produced nearly 80 videos on YouTube (VitalChecklist) as our platform for distribution. We are using YouTube to support, and other sites currently being worked on now.

It is important to Dr. Singh to reach out to his audience which includes Patients, Students and Medical Professionals. The audience for his video marketing content is huge on-line. The key element in the ‘rules according to Duane’ is to keep it personal. People want to get to know you. Personalize, educate and through this process turn prospects into customers. Get people to like you and follow your content. This is why video is so powerful for you and your business.


Grand Rapids Inventors Network YouTube Channel.

I like doing business with people I know and trust. Video marketing allows an opportunity for you to do just that. It is about sharing your knowledge. Making it real. It is about credibility. It is okay to be a little rough around the edges. Just be you.

In closing, people like stories that are to be continued. Do not give away all your knowledge in one video. Share it over many videos. Build up your youtube channel with content that is helpful for your audience.

Michigan, I am here to help you. Give me a call at 231-937-5420. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Heck, we have to get to know you better to be able to help. This way we can tell your story.




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