Vblog-using-youtubeFor our upcoming project we decided to that Video Blogging using YouTube is our best distribution method.  Why do you ask? YouTube is the second largest search engine and owned by Google. And as a social media site that compares to Facebook. We are able to connect with others on YouTube  by subscribing to their channels and having them subscribe to ours.

Youtube does have some faults and one of them as compared to Vimeo.  Vimeo does not run advertisements on any of the videos that you upload. This is probably the biggest advantage of hosting your videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube.  A con of Vimeo vs YouTube is there is a cost. Money has to be made in some way.  We have all heard it – nothing in life is free.  So if you are Video Blogging using YouTube it helps to know all the pros and cons. I am not saying one is better than the other or taking sides.  You need to do what is best for you and your channel.  I decided to chose YouTube based on my needs.

When you are doing Video Blogging remember it is all about quality content.  Feed the Google Beast with quality content and it helps in your rankings, thus, growing your channel and businesses.  Develop a blog on your site and push the social media like Facebook, Linkedin and others.

Video content is growing into a huge part of our media consumption, and YouTube is at the forefront. With the written blog there most niches are done to death.  However, take that to a video platform and you may just have something.  For my upcoming Vblog promoting Michigan I am looking for ways to not only promote the people and communities on Michigan but also to promote businesses, organizations, schools and non-profits.  Heck, we are even going to book some Michigan musicians.  Home grown and rockin… what a great combination.

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