video-blogWhat is a video blog?  A video blog is a blog which uses video as the medium , think of it as a web television show.  Vlog, as it is shorten to often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and tags. YouTube is a popular place to host your Video Blog.

As mentioned YouTube is very populat place for video bloggers.  They allow participants to produce their web videos and provide a great place to share their content and views.  Often times the video blog is done with one camera. With our upcoming video blog we will be using tow or three cameras to record our program.  More on this later.

A good article on producing a video blog is at WikiHow.  In their article they cover these main topics: Think of a topic to make vlogs about. Get a Youtube account, and give your channel an attractive name. Make about ten or more REALLY GOOD videos. Post one of those videos to a related, well-known video as a video response. Keep being active – nobody is going be interested if you don’t post any videos for years. Edit your videos! This article is a good resource for the start-up.   COMMERCIAL BREAK: Need video production help?  Want to use our studio to shoot your video blog?  Contact DW Video 231-937-5420. We are here to help.  BACK TO THE ARTICLE.

A Video Blog can be fun.  It can also provide a source of income.  For example through your blog you are looked at as the expert.  You can promote your book, a product, a service.  NOTE: Do not make your video blog an advertisement.  People will not watch, share and become engaged with you.  Have your pitch be a soft sell approach.  For example, ‘The following video is supported by DW Video & Multimedia, Michigan’s Video Production Resource”. Then continue on with your information.

In upcoming articles I will be providing more info on video blogs. You see I am in the process of setting up a YouTube Vblog for DW Video and promoting one of my faviorate topics.  More on that later. Thank you.  BTW, if you have something to share on your experience with video blogging, please share.

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