Video Blog questions to useVideo Blog questions for DW Video’s program could include some history on your businesses. How long you have been in business and what you offer.  The questions for our video blog are determined by you and I before we do the interview.  Remember in a past blog post I mentioned this is about you.  We need to review the questions ahead of time before we pull the cameras out and begin recording.

The reason we talk ahead of time is within our 2-3 minute window does not leave much time to get into to much detail. So, our video blog questions need to be planned to maximize your promotional value. Based on your needs here are some other possible questions we could use: What motivated you to get into this business?  What do you like best about your job and why?  What are the challenges of your job and how do you solve them?  What about your business makes you the most proud?  Where are you located?  How long have you been in business?  Tell me a little about your background?  Please give a short (15-20 second) description of your business. What are you best known for and why? “What sets your business aside from others in the field?  What geographic region do you serve?  What makes us unique?  The list of questions could go on and on.  Together we pick 2-3 key questions to best serve you.

Now, what if you want and need more than we do within our video blog?  No problem, we are in the business of telling your story.  A quote will set up based on your needs – bottom line, we are your video and media production company in Michigan.

Contact Duane to get on the show 231-937-5420.  Need a new product video? Safety Video? Training Video? TV Commercial? Testimonial Videos? Video Profile?  Heck we can even transfer your home movies and videotapes to DVD.  Michigan’s Video Production Company 231-937-5420.


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