plan-organize-your-messageWhen putting together a Video Blog – Organize your Message.  For our promoting Michigan video blog part of the organization is keeping each interview within a 2-3 minute length.  To do this we will focus on one key element that is best for your business.  Remember, promoting you  is our mission. Covering the key element of what makes your business unique is the goal. Our Vblog program begins with the Introduction.  Start by stating who you are; tell us why you are in business , and what makes you unique.  When it is important to your story.  Tell your History. Provide a brief background of your business and how did you get involved?  And most important ending with a Call To Action, provide your contact info- website, phone number and location.

For your Video Blog – Organize your Message.  Know what your mission is, work out  a plan and in my case being able to adapt and modify as we move forward is going to be the key.  I realize each person comes with their own story.  Adapting and modifying as the program moves forward is important.  Meaning not having everything written in stone and not being flexible would be the death of this project.  In the same breath having the line drawn and knowing what we will do for the show and what crosses the line and needs to be a billable job is also important.  Addressing every aspect is important to any project we do.

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