Producer-Director Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is planning a Vblog coming out for the first of 2015.

For an upcoming Video Blog or Vblog channel being produced by DW Video (more info to come) the challenge has provided some excitement. Today, with media and video everywhere. Having video on-line does two things — 1) Everyone has an opinion and through this it puts people on an equal footing with news and media resources.  2) Provides a path to make it social and connect with people.  This can include the casual visitor and a prospect or customer.

When producing a Vblog it is important to get to the point right away. Draw the viewer in right away.  The internet has made us an impatient society (blaming now on the internet, sure there are many more factors to lengthy and off topic for this post). People make decision on rather to stay or go usually within the first 10 seconds. However, once you have them, the rest is up to the content of your story.

How long should your Vblog be?  The answer to that is two fold, 1) As short as you can make it and 2) long enough to provide the viewer with what they came for. Sounds like politician speak.  With your topic and audience you will have to do some testing.  One trick I learned many years ago.  If you have a topic that takes twenty minutes to cover.  Do it in segments or chapters having each be 2-5 minutes in length.  Remember the ‘to be continued’ at the end of our 70’s TV shows?

We live in a world with rather short attention spans. Work your Vblog to your audience. Keep them coming back.

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