Bear Hunt in the Lake Gogebic area.

Looking back over thirty years of DW Video seems like yesterday.  The projects, the people the experiences. WOW, what a ride. Looking back at one of my first jobs.  Was contracted by Norm Benzing to video a bear hunt in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan around the Lake Gogebic area.  Being crammed in the back of a Bronco for the long ride north full of gear was lets say, an experience. Once we arrived at camp one of the first things to learn was how to use a sissor jack style tree stand.  Later that day we headed to the woods and little did I know my adventure was just beginning.  We picked out the tree and up the tree I climbed.   Once at the top, set the stand into the tree, put on the safety harness, turned and placed my weight on the wrong part of the stand releasing it.  As the stand scissored to the ground leaving me hanging from the strap.  Looking down at Norm he grabbed the the stand and brought it back up to me.  Believe me the rest of the night seemed really long as I was afraid to move. Fast forward to walking out of the words that night.  Turning to Norm I said “Sorry for ruining the hunt”. He stopped and started laughing, almost uncontrollably. For the rest of the trip my ribs were very bruised.  We did not get a bear, but hanging from a tree  is the one time in thirty years of DW Video that still hurts my ribs when thinking about it.

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