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    For all your video and media production needs. My name is Duane and I am here to help.


    Your customers need to be telling your story.

    Testimonial Videos are an ideal way to build trust and confidence with your prospects and customers.  The key to  good testimonial videos is to make it real – not polished.  We are asking for your business – At DW Video & Multimedia we want to tell your story. When you are done reading, 1) fill out the form below or call Duane at 231-937-5420.  We are ready to help you.  Follow DW Video on facebook and check out our blog.  Connect with Duane on Linkedin. 

    According to the Modern Marketing Blog, “People trust people more than people trust companies.”

    The power of the Testimonials Videos comes with the following:

    1.  overcome objections
    2. validate a product or service
    3. instill confidence
    4. producing a video testimonial creates an emotion.

    At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC  our approach is real, not scripted. Whatever the approach to reaching your audience and building trust is what we do. Capturing an emotion is important as it was in this 2014 Telly Award winning video that produced for Dr. Harpreet Singh

    When asked by Steel Tech, Ltd to produce this testimonial on one of their products we flew to Florida to talk to the Operations Manager.  Using real people to tell the story assures your audience you are real.  The information is more creditable.  Having the actual person telling the story is better than a voice over script.

    When we produce testimonial videos it is okay to be vulnerable – to share the emotion from the customer is important.  Emotions like crying and laughter help sell you – we want to person telling the story to be real.  The result is a better video.  No one is perfect so why make your video that way – having some imperfections is real.  If a person stumbles on their words go with it.  As long as it is not embarrassing to the person – we want it real… you want it real.

    Here are a couple good questions to start with when producing testimonial videos:

    1. What was the problem you were having before you started using our product/service?
    2. How did that problem impact your business? Specifics please
    3. What other solutions did you try before you became a client of ABC Company?

    Since 1984, DW Video & Multimedia has been helping businesses tell their story.  The testimonial videos is one excellent way to to do so.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.


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