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Michigan video bloggerSo you want to be a video blogger? At DW Video & Multimedia we are in production for our soon to be released video blog. So we are going to add video blogger to our list of titles.

As part of our marketing campaign I was looking at ways to increase our business and to help people. After some research Video blogging became very appealing to me. My passion has been helping people promote their business, organization and non-profit.  In addition loving promoting Michigan.  So, in the next couple weeks we are beginning our path as a video blogger and promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  More info to come.

So back to the question, So you want to be a video blogger?  Here are some helpful tips in creating your program.

First, you need content. What is your expertise?  What can you bring to the table and share that will help teach and inform others on how to do something?  This process is a marathon and you need to have content that is on-going.

How are you going to do this?  For our method we are setting up a new YouTube channel, going to setup a page on our website and use other social media networks to share our message.

Once you have the content and delivery method taken care of.  Lets now look at some basic equipment needs.

zoomAUDIO: I believe that audio is 90% of a great video.  Look for a camcorder that comes with a MIC input and then buy an external microphone.  You can get a Lav mic for the best audio for your video blog. The key here is to get the microphone as close as you can

If you have a camera that does not have a MIC in, you can record the audio on a separate audio recorder like the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder which I have  and merge the audio with video in editing program.

VIDEO: For a basic camera the Zoom Q4 has an external mic input that would be ideal for what you need.  I have one of these cameras and use it for behind the scenes shots all the time.

Need to use our studio or have DW Video produce your Video Blogs?  Contact me at 231-937-5420 or connect on Linkedin. 



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