connect with customers

connect with customers

Connect with Customers with a custom produced video by DW Video.

If your business needs to connect with customers… you need DW Video. Building relationships with prospects and customers is job one. From the information you place on your web and social media sites to the print and direct response message you have out there. Your mission is to connect.  To connect with a person and build a relationship with them. These days your message is more than text.  Connect with customers with video.  Video is an incredible and powerful tool that takes your message from simply claiming your product is remarkable to actually demonstrating that it is.

Telling your story can be affordable.  One question I ask all the time – Is your business a million dollar business or one that needs to look like one.  What I mean by that is your look, your images, the flow of your story is important to your prospects.  And it should be so very important to you in your plan to connect with customers.  To connect with customers you need to make it real.  Not hype.  Not flashy.  To connect with customers is real.  At DW Video our storytelling captures your business, church, school and non-profit with a personal touch.

Big Business, Retail and Non-Profits all need video.

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Video marketing is an important part of your brand mix.  Video builds your accountability, your presence, your brand and it does not need to be expensive. Video lets you tell a visually engaging story that adds emotion and transparency to the online shopping experience. It creates trust by showing that the product is real and so are the people that make it.

Yes, video can have a price tag with with.  So do cars, so does your products and services.  However, we work with customers to build within a budget if we can.  Have a package for $500 and depending on your need could also spend thousands.  All based on what you need.

Small business is the heart of America.  Have DW Video tell your story.

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According to Shopify there are five tips for connecting with customers.

1)  Discover What Makes Your Product Remarkable

2) Persuade With Video

3) Resonating and Empathizing with Potential Customers

4) Sell with Emotion, Justify with Logic

5) Risk Removal

Connect with Duane by calling 231-937-5420.

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Serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos

medical videos

Medical and Health Care Video produced by Dw Video build trust.

Serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

By producing patient stories, in their own words are ideal to building your medical practice. People like to do business with people they know and trust.

Medical and Health Care Testimonial Videos should be 60-90 seconds on average.  Up to 2-3 minutes will work based on the content of the testimonial.  When we have a patient testimonial that goes long – it is ideal to have part one, part two etc. Each video having a stand alone message that promotes your services.

Some sample questions may include: What do you like best about your Doctor and why?  What sets your health care specialist aside from others in his field?  Asking follow-up, open-ended questions will help expand their answers. We may ask: “What do you mean?” or “Can you give me an example?” or “How has that been working for you?”

It is important to have a very good release form for the patients to sign is important as well.  HIPPA privacy is number one.  At DW Video our approach is simple.  This is not an investigative report – we instruct patients that this is their story and they are in control of what they share with us.

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DW Video is serving Carson City-Big Rapids-Greenville-Fremont-Grand Rapids-Medical Testimonial Videos.  These are real life stories produced to promote your medical and health care facility.

Contact Duane for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs.




DW-Video-Rockford-Greenville-Big Rapids-Reed City-Newaygo-Fremont

DW-Video-Rockford-Greenville-Big Rapids

Adding a branding graphic to the end of the video – every video needs a call to action.

At DW-Video-Rockford-Greenville-Big Rapids we provide Quality-oriented and cost efficient video and media production. We are experts in making sure that you get the right message to the right audience at the right time –whether that message is being sent to dramatically increase sales, or to educate, inform or convince others -and then getting your target audience to react in the desired fashion.

We enjoy working with Michigan based companies and telling their story.  From Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Big Rapids and Reed City to Grand Haven, Rockford, Greenville, Mount Pleasant and Midland and all parts in-between.

Good communication must be a two-way, interactive experience; there’s no sense in attempting to sell your products and services or train someone without attempting to elicit a response every time.

DW-Video-Rockford-Greenville-Big Rapids-video-shooting

On Location capturing video for a Buy Local Video Testimonial.

Part of that challenge is determining which media or combination of media will best serve your needs for selling your products, training your distribution staff or promoting your business. It might be traditional print advertising. It might be direct mail with a DVD enclosure; or it might be a complete full-media campaign with an interactive website. Whichever solution is best, whether you’re looking for a local retail promotion or a national B2B campaign, we can help you produce it successfully…providing complete project management from concept through implementation, and offering you a true one-stop solution for all your communications needs.

DW Video (231) 937-5420.

Medical Videos

Michigan Destination Videos

Attorney Videos

School Videos 

West Michigan Video

DW Video is proud to be part of the West Michigan Video scene.  Producing videos for Michigan Businesses, Communities and People.

Our slogan – “Everyone has a story to tell and we are telling it.”

Greenville West Michigan Video

Welcome to DW Video where we understand Digital.

west michigan video

This one is from a few years ago (check out the cell phone)


At DW Video and the Creative Team specializes in digital video and media production services  – Company Image – Training – Video Profiles – New Product Introduction – Testimonial & TV Commercials.  In addition we offer Website design and Programming Services.

We also provide Consumer Video Services that include: Film and Video to DVD Transfers, Video Albums and DVD-CD Duplication Services.

Serving West Central Michigan since 1984… Digital Media is our Business!

West Michigan Video Parade

Big Rapids 4th of July Parade – Duane Weed shooting HD. Going Hand Held for a Great Trucking Shot.

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