cassette to mp3 transfer service

cassette to mp3 transfer service

Transfer your audio cassettes, reel to reel and LP’s to CD and Mp3.

West Michigan cassette to mp3 transfer service offered by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC from Howard City.

You know those old cassette tapes and reel to reels you have stored in a box in the closet or in the attic.  Your music compilations of favorite songs from years ago, family events and maybe a love letter or two. Your memories maybe deteriorating.  Why, because over time, magnetic tape looses particles and become muffled and distorted.

Time to bring them in and have DW Video digitized your old tapes and memories.  We can transfer them to a CD or as an MP3 file for use on your phone of mobile device.

We can take that cassette and create a file for each side of the cassette.  With our cassette to mp3 transfer service we can also take and create a separate file of each song or section of your cassette.

Anyone remember the Walkman! Now it is a dinosaur. Digital formats such as MP3 reign supreme now.  Ideal for use on your mobile device such as your phone or iPad.

Only a short drive from Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Sparta, Kent City, Grant, Newaygo, Fremont, Big Rapids, Lakeview, Reed City and all of West Michigan – contact Duane to handle your cassette to mp3 transfer service. We are here to help.  Our services are all done in-house.  Thank you for your business.  Call 231-937-5420.


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