Website design services for Reed City, Big Rapids, Cedar Springs, Rockford, Greenville


Using WordPress to design websites for Michigan Businesses.

Website design services for Reed City, Big Rapids. Cedar Springs, Rockford, Greenville have DW Video produce your website using WordPress.

DW Video’s website is designed from a few templates.  You see we could not find one that fit our need.  So, we borrowed from a few and our Website Programmer did the rest.

On the home page we have one theme as the top and very bottom, then another with the center boxes for each of our services. What we do is listen to your needs and look at your budget to find the best template(s) to meet your need.  Most of the time it takes a combination of designs to reach the goal.  That is why we are here to help with website design for Reed City, Big Rapids. Cedar Springs, Rockford and Greenville areas.

Since we are a video company we need to be able to provide numerous examples of the videos we have produce.  We also did not want it to look cluttered. We took from another theme the video gallery look.

Speaking of video, you need a variety of videos on your site informing, educating and selling your products and services.  At DW Video we produce videos for a variety of businesses, all with different budgets our site shows off what we do. Call us 231-937-5420.

At DW Video we provide website design services for Reed City, Big Rapids. Cedar Springs, Rockford, Greenville and all of West Michigan.

Custom websites, web applications to help your business run smooth and be more productive and video production services to sell, market and train prospects and employees.



Using one of the many plugin’s for displaying video.


Add video to your WordPress site – powerful.


More examples of what DW Video can do for you!

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WordPress for West Michigan Website Design-Web Applications

Using WordPress sites to promote your business.

Using WordPress sites to promote your business.

Benefits of WordPress for West Michigan Website Design-Web Applications.  DW Video services Big Rapids, Reed City, Newaygo, Cedar Springs, Rockford, Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan with media production services.

Some benefits of WordPress are:

1) WordPress is pretty easy to use with a user friendly interface.  To add new pages, blog posts, images, etc. can be completed fairly simply.  At DW Video we recommend WordPress because it puts the content power in the hands of the customer. We have found however that a basic site most anyone can do.  However, through more detailed programming even more can be accomplished.  
2) You do not need a degree in webdesign to do a basic site.
3) Due to the way WordPress is designed it is Search Engine friendly.  We do not need to get into the algorithm, just know that it is SEO friendly.  There are many plugin’s available to work even better.  Do not get me wrong – the technology is making it easier.  However, you will spend a lot of time working SEO.  That is where we come in – At DW Video we have monthly maintenance packages to help you be more productive.
4) Updates are easier.  In our case we do the layout, design of your site.  Get it working and hand the keys over for you to drive.  DW Video is here to help with a maintenance plan or an hourly rate based on what you need us to do.  We are here to help you.
5) WordPress is the engine for your website.  Now here is where it can get tricky and take a lot of your time.  Customizing your site.  The DW Video website for example is made of a few parts of other sites, different apps and in then through custom programming we tie it in and make it work.  There is simple and then there is customize – we can help you with both.
WordPress for West Michigan Website Design-Web Applications created for your business - contact Duane today.

WordPress for West Michigan Website Design-Web Applications created for your business – contact Duane today.

TIP: To maximize WordPress site for search engine optimization you must add content on a continual bases.  Learn to use keywords to boost the SEO result.  Otherwise you have the best mouse trap and no one knows about you.  You need to feed the content beast of Google and other search engines to help with your rankings.

At DW Video we use WordPress for West Michigan Website Design-Web Applications ready to work with all types of businesses, organizations, non-profits, schools etc.

 Call Duane at 231-937-5420.


Check out more information about web apps and social media sites link YouTube. 

Web Based Applications

Web Based Applications For Business, Organizations and Non Profits allow your business to run smoother and more efficient.

Northern Pines Wholesale Rugs and Taxidermy had the team at DW Video create an order processing system to track, monitor and maintain the workflow.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Web%20Based%20Applications” rel=”0″]


According to TechoPedia, “A web based application is defined as: any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device’s memory.

northern pines web based application

For the Northern Pines Taxidermy testimonial on web based applications – we used time-lapse video to help tell the story. Captured one frame every ten seconds.


The ease of which Northern Pines can now input, track and invoice saves many hours of office management time.  With the biggest benefit being, when a customer calls and wants to know the status if their order – within seconds they will know.  Bottom line – Excellent Customer Service.  Did I mention this web based application is set up so the customer has access to a user name and password to track all their orders….. priceless.

Looking for a way to have your business run smoother?  Contact DW Video 231-937-5420 to discuss your project.


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