Business Video Marketing

Business Video Marketing is all around us.  On websites, social media sites, at our desk and on the road.  The power of video sells, informs and trains your prospects and customers 24-7.

At DW Video we use Local Video Marketing techniques to take the video experience to an all new level. Local Video Marketing is getting your video ranked on Google.  Using techniques to have videos show up among the other search results.  The thumbnail image stands out on the page among your competitors basic line listing.  Want to take control of a geographic area – give Duane a call to discuss what it will take to rank your business 231-937-5420.  Examples below showing what we mean about ranking video in Google search – Actual results.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Video%20Marketing” rel=”0″]


Business Video Marketing

Local Business Video Marketing

For your business DW Video uses a variety of video styles to tell and share your story.  Here are just a few ways that Business Video Marketing can work for you:

Video Testimonials from your customers: One of the most powerful ways to sell your products and services.

Success Story Videos: Showing how a customer used your product or service in a real world application.  Very similar to Video Testimonial.

Man on the street Videos: Usually these type of videos are used to promote an event or cover an issue surrounding a community.

Product Demonstration and Presentation Videos: These videos cover the benefits your product offers and how to use the product in everyday situations.

Corporate Videos:  These are ideal for a home page for a company – intended to give new visitors to a website a better idea of the company, the services and who they are.

Facilities and/or equipment tour videos: Here is where we use Virtual Tours to provide the visitor an inside look at your business.  From corporate facilities to local hotesl, resturants, breweries and retail shops.  These virtual tours can be powerful attention to your website and mobile experience.

Safety and Training Videos: Video is an ideal way to train people on the proper way of doing a task – service, support, sales, personal development etc. Safety and Training videos continues to be one of the best uses of video and are a cost effective substitute for in-class training.

 Commercials: Broadcast television commercials for local, regional and national audiences are a great way to market your business.  This is not a low cost venture.  A popular use of commercials that is growing are in-theater advertising.

Recruitment Videos: Recruitment videos feature company employees, highlight corporate culture and promote the direction of the company can be very influential.  Often time we suggest interviewing top executives and staff members to get the true flavor of the business.

Resume Videos:  Stand out in the crowd.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the job seekers.  We need to talk about this one.  Exciting possibilities.

local video business ranking

Client: Stingray Advisory Group. Keyword: Business Plans. Geographic Area: Caledonia.
Results: Ranked four on Page One

local video big rapids

Client: DW Video. Keyword: Video Production. Geographic Area: Big Rapids.
Results: Ranked One on Page One

The list goes on and on: In Store Videos, Video Blog, Event Video, Community Relations Video, Press Release videos… By now you have the idea… Business Video Marketing: VIDEO MEANS BUSINESS FOR YOU!

At DW Video we pride ourselves in local Business Video Marketing.  With our Buy Local Video Profiles, Buy Local TV and Buy Local Michigan Video Blog we are promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People.

Since 1984 Duane has been working with Michigan businesses and is standing by to work with your yours.  It all begins with a conversation.  Call 231-937-5420.


Education is everything.  According to FORBES here are five things your business should do with video.  Then Call Duane to get it done.

It is all about the look and feel of a video. Entrepreneur dot com has a great article on what to wear when producing a video.

Why you cannot afford not to do video, another article from Entrepreneur.  A good investment and not as costly as one would think.  Contact Duane 231-937-5420.

local video tire service

Client: JIS Tire. Keyword: Tire Service. Geographic Area: Sand Lake Michigan
Results: Ranked One on Page Two


Share your story with video

share your story with video testimonials Share your story with video is a powerful tool in today’s media toolbox.  According to Casey DuBois, “Video is ideal for getting the word out and showing off your product and services. Duane has a great way of ‘whippingvideo together, it seems like magic.”

Share your story with video testimonials.  At a recent Grand Rapids Inventors Network meeting Casey shared these fine words:



[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Video%20Testimonial” rel=”0″]


The power of the testimonial is priceless.  When customers share their love for you in a real, non-scripted way… the results are and I will say this again.  Priceless.  The key to making a great video testimonial is making it real and not fake.  These are not actors playing a part, they are your customers sharing their experiences with you. The video testimonial produced by Duane at DW Video capture that emotion, their true feeling for you.  The results are amazing.

A parent of two kids that went to Ferris shares her experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”ferris%20state%20parent%20testimonial” rel=”0″]


Share your story with video testimonials can also build trust.  In this TV spot we produced for Dr Harpreet Singh combines a number of patients sharing their experience.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”dr%20singh” rel=”0″]


Do not hide your video under a rock.  Share, highlight and shout from the mountain tops your story.  The story produced by Duane at DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

Call Duane at 231-937-5420 and share your story with video – call today.


producing video on-line testimonials

For years we have been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others.  It is a humbling experience when the kind words are returned.  Casey DuBois a board member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and one of the founding members of GR Makers.  We were at a GRIN meeting and I was recording the presentation on 3D Laser printers… wow, very cool by the way.

At the end of the meeting Casey informed the group of DW Video & Multimedia’s new Buy Local Michigan’s Video Blog.  The following video was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”GRIN%20recommends%20DW%20Video” width=”380″ height=”270″ rel=”0″]


DW Video has been producing video 0n-line testimonials for others for use on their websites and social media sites.  Sharing your story with others is important.  Producing video 0n-line testimonials sell your products and services.

producing video on-line testimonials

Buy Local Michigan Video Blog is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  Our goal is to promote Michigan Businesses, Communities and People.  Businesses include everyone: Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Organizations, Health Care, Non-Profits, Schools, Universities and Professional Services.  Communities include: Cities, Villages, Towns and Tourism.  People include Sports-Political-Actors and anyone doing great works.




video commercials


Casey DuBois representing GR Makers in a video commercial produced by Duane Weed for GRIN. Utilized on the web and social media sites.

There’s no doubt that video commercials work on television and that video works on the web. Producing a quality video commercial, company image piece and/or video profile for your website helps keeps eyes and your sit longer and helps tell your story. Video commercials on the web help create as experience for your prospects and customers.

Utilizing good quality video content on-line is an ideal way to connect with people.  I have said this many times, “People like to connect with people they know and trust.”  Connecting with others and sharing your products and services is key to winning new customers.

Using a variety of videos on your site keeps people interested.  Have a short intro video on one page, a video commercial on another, company image on the about us page and a series of video profile videos scattered throughout your site.  Not to mention on your social media sites as well.  And let us not forget my favorite – The video testimonial.

One person that does a great job in using video profiles, video testimonials and video commercials is Dr. Harpreet Singh.

At DW Video we work with you in telling your story.  Is that story a safety video, website video commercial, TV Commercial, training video, company image and more.  Contact DW to discuss your project.  The initial consultation is FREE. Call 231-937-5420.

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video resource

video resource

Helping you is our goal… my name is Duane – call me 231-937-5420.

I love what we do.  Helping others promote, train and improve their businesses.  Producing video is a process: knowing the audience, understanding the goals and outcome.  Working with customers in achieving those goals is why we do what we do. Looking forward to being your video resource in West Michigan.

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