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We are at it again producing testimonial videos for the Grand Rapids Inventors Network or GRIN for short.  This time our mission was to have the members share their experiences.  Who sells your business and organization better than a customer or member?

At one of the monthly meetings we set up and interviewed six members about why they are members of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.  I am impressed with the golden nuggets that came out of these members.  In the past I have shared the importance of keeping the testimonials real.  When producing testimonials videos, ask the right questions and wow, we cannot write this any better.

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Lynn talks about how marketing her product Splash Count and how GRIN has helped her.


Brenda B shares her experience with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and her product from BeachFit.

Producing testimonial videos provide your organization with an opportunity to build trust with prospective customers and prospects.  Video Testimonials strengthen relationships with existing customers and help turn prospects into customers.

I personally love producing testimonials videos because they are real people speaking in their own words about why they like your product, service and/or organization.  There is a powerful tone to have a person sharing from their heart about you.  In the case of the GRIN the members share how the organization has helped them.

Here are a few questions to ask when producing testimonial videos:

What has the business/organization done for you and why?
What was the obstacle was achieved by using this product and/or service?
What was the benefit of buying this product?
Were their any specific feature(s) did you like most about this product?
Why did you need this product/service and how did it help you?
Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

And lets not forget to ask, Is there anything you’d like to add?

At DW Video we are here to help tell your story.  Servicing Big Rapids, Fremont, Newaygo, Rockford, Greenville, Reed City and all of West Central Michigan.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 and lets discuss your video and media production needs.

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Video Testimonial Tips

Video and media producer Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC shares some video testimonial tips. Duane highlights an excellent example produced for KJM Productions, a Michigan based company.

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video testimonial tips

Learn how one video has over ten uses.

Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions has been the advertising agency for Loafers Glory for over 25 years. Joann Camp shares that experience on video. Over the years Kathy has had DW Video shoot and edit videos for Loafers Glory. Within the testimonial we used highlights from these videos to help tell KJM Productions story.

Your customers have a passion for what you do – at DW Video we capture that with video to share on your website, social media, broadcast media and more.

To learn more about what Kathy can do for your business give her a call at KJM Productions (989) 506-0061.

For all your video and media production needs contact Duane at 231-250-9624.

More video tips on how one video has over ten uses.

Show emotion – priceless

Testimonial Videos are a great tool when they are real.  Meaning, not scripted, from the heart. At DW Video we enjoy producing video testimonials that have that raw emotion from the person sharing their experience and or story. This is a must see video – watch it here – [youtube_sc url=”” autoplay=”1″ rel=”0″]

Video Producer Duane Weed is becoming the King of Video Testimonials.  Contact today!

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This is a real-life patient experience. Informed consent was given by the people in this video.

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