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Telling a video story is what Producer-Director Duane Weed is all about – your story.

Telling your video story does not have to be complicated.  In this example I took an audio recording and pick certain segments to tell that story.  For video used the GoPro time lapse function – then the edit using Sony Vegas.   After picking out the audio segments enhanced the video story with title graphics to bring home the message – this is not easy.  It took an hour or two to find just the right segments to use.  It is a soft sell approach, not in your face advertising.  Connecting with an emotion, a thought, a message.  The video story is that – a story…. your story.  For years we have preached that everyone has a story and we are telling it.  Yes that is true – it is our job.  However, it is also our passion… our purpose in life.

A video story has a message that inspires.  The story is what moves people into a call to action.  Is that call to action to call you?  Is it to visit a web page set up for the viewer?  Is it to make them pause and think.  Video does all that – DW Video does all that.  Contact Duane today to discuss your story.

Everyone has a story to tell – that story can be told in a varitey of ways.  What we do at DW Video is work with you to meet your goals, focus on your audience and promote the benefits you and your business offers.


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We are here to help you.  Call Duane at 231-937-5420.

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