Lighting Tip

Ignoring lighting when shooting indoors can make your videos look dark. 

Adding your own lights is ideal. If that’s not possible, check out the available lighting sources. If you’re shooting video of people, get as much light in their faces. But don’t be fooled by overhead lights. While they may be bright, they only light the tops of people’s heads, leaving their face in shadows.

Bounce Lighting – reflect available light onto a face with a white or light gray poster board.

Using Windows – putting your subject in front of a window will give a silhouette effect.  There are times that this works.  Using the Bounce lighting tips can work at times.  Please note: you may have to set your camera to outdoor filter for best results.  Re-white balance and now the image(s) will look good.

Lighting is experimenting – do not be afraid to try things.   Try using a while sheet or shower curtain to reflect light or diffuse it.

To get proper lighting takes time, sometime hours.  For example I was shooting a stainless steel car wash machine once.  We were using the jib to start on one side and fly across the front and end up on the other side.  The problem was when we came across the front hot spots from the lights showed up on the machine.  We tried several light locations with no luck.  I final took my white 12 foot X 30 foot backdrop and we place it 12-15 foot in front of the machine and pulled it out for about 20 feet.  Now we took our lights and turned them onto the backdrop.  Reflecting the light evenly across the machine.  This provided an even look when we did our camera move.  It took about 2 hours to set up this 4-6 second shot.

Have Fun…

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