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promoting michigan video blogPromoting Michigan with our new Video Blog.   My goal with this program is to help promote Michigan Businesses, Communities and People with all they do in our Great Lake State.

The format for our Promoting Michigan Video Blog is to have each episode around 2-3 minutes in length.  We want to get to know you – what you do – and provide a way for our viewers to contact you and of course to do business with you.  Our theme is all about you.  Due to short attention spans on-line, I am keeping the Promoting Michigan Video Blog simple, short and to the point.

Interested in being on the show?  Call me at 231-937-5420.  We will book a time and have you come to our studio and record your interview. Next, provide us with 8-10 photos that represent your business, organization or non-profit.  From there we will edit your segment and provide you a link and embed code to place the video on your website and your social media sites.  I will also place it on my youtube channel and website to help promote you with links back to you.

It is all about being social.  We want you to  ‘LIKE’ our dwvideomultimedia Facebook page – follow us.  Comment on our post about you.  Share DW Video with others.  In this world of social media we need to work together to promote Michigan businesses, communities and people. In turn we want to ‘Like’ your Facebook page and share with others. Teamwork!

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Video Blogging

video-blogging-camera-setupVideo Blogging is a path DW Video is on with our upcoming series promoting Michigan.  It is an exciting time here in the studio.  Talking with guest for the show and making connections.

In yesterday’s blog we discussed some basic audio and video equipment to get you started in video blogging.

LIGHTING: With today’s cameras (even the cheap ones) are usually good enough under available lighting for YouTube.  However, when you are setting up space to do your video blogging keep one thing in mind.  Think like the viewer.  Would you like to see a dark, low light image of person talking to you?  It does not take much with the cameras of today to get a nice looking image.  The same goes for using to much light.  Test it.  Read up on low cost lighting.  A nice softbox will take care of most of your needs.

EDITING: I am not going to get in a Mac vs PC contest here.  Both are excellent for video blogging.  It comes down to your technical ability.  I use Sony Vegas and LOVE it.  However, I edit for a living and need the power Vegas provides me.  Do some research.  YouTube is full of how to tips for any software out there. Video Blogging is all about keeping it simple.  For our upcoming video blog we are doing just that.  However, because we are doing it in the studio I will use a three camera set up.  One wide shot, one on the host and one on the guest. This may change as we move forward – adapt and modify is my slogan.

If you do not want to be on camera maybe producing a slideshow style production with images, screen capture and narration is the answer. Software like Camtasia for capturing your computer screen and editing is one choice.  I believe you should be on-camera.  You are the expert, people connect better when they can see you.

Here is a tip I picked up at  Social Media Examiner  “For YouTube, make sure your URL is the first line in the description of the video. This will make it easy for people to locate and visit your site.

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video blogger

Michigan video bloggerSo you want to be a video blogger? At DW Video & Multimedia we are in production for our soon to be released video blog. So we are going to add video blogger to our list of titles.

As part of our marketing campaign I was looking at ways to increase our business and to help people. After some research Video blogging became very appealing to me. My passion has been helping people promote their business, organization and non-profit.  In addition loving promoting Michigan.  So, in the next couple weeks we are beginning our path as a video blogger and promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  More info to come.

So back to the question, So you want to be a video blogger?  Here are some helpful tips in creating your program.

First, you need content. What is your expertise?  What can you bring to the table and share that will help teach and inform others on how to do something?  This process is a marathon and you need to have content that is on-going.

How are you going to do this?  For our method we are setting up a new YouTube channel, going to setup a page on our website and use other social media networks to share our message.

Once you have the content and delivery method taken care of.  Lets now look at some basic equipment needs.

zoomAUDIO: I believe that audio is 90% of a great video.  Look for a camcorder that comes with a MIC input and then buy an external microphone.  You can get a Lav mic for the best audio for your video blog. The key here is to get the microphone as close as you can

If you have a camera that does not have a MIC in, you can record the audio on a separate audio recorder like the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder which I have  and merge the audio with video in editing program.

VIDEO: For a basic camera the Zoom Q4 has an external mic input that would be ideal for what you need.  I have one of these cameras and use it for behind the scenes shots all the time.

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Producer-Director Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC is planning a Vblog coming out for the first of 2015.

For an upcoming Video Blog or Vblog channel being produced by DW Video (more info to come) the challenge has provided some excitement. Today, with media and video everywhere. Having video on-line does two things — 1) Everyone has an opinion and through this it puts people on an equal footing with news and media resources.  2) Provides a path to make it social and connect with people.  This can include the casual visitor and a prospect or customer.

When producing a Vblog it is important to get to the point right away. Draw the viewer in right away.  The internet has made us an impatient society (blaming now on the internet, sure there are many more factors to lengthy and off topic for this post). People make decision on rather to stay or go usually within the first 10 seconds. However, once you have them, the rest is up to the content of your story.

How long should your Vblog be?  The answer to that is two fold, 1) As short as you can make it and 2) long enough to provide the viewer with what they came for. Sounds like politician speak.  With your topic and audience you will have to do some testing.  One trick I learned many years ago.  If you have a topic that takes twenty minutes to cover.  Do it in segments or chapters having each be 2-5 minutes in length.  Remember the ‘to be continued’ at the end of our 70’s TV shows?

We live in a world with rather short attention spans. Work your Vblog to your audience. Keep them coming back.

At DW Video & Multimedia, LLC we are here to tell your story.  Corporate, Retail, Education, Religious, Non-Profit and more.  We are here to help – call 231-937-5420.

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What is a video blog

video-blogWhat is a video blog?  A video blog is a blog which uses video as the medium , think of it as a web television show.  Vlog, as it is shorten to often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and tags. YouTube is a popular place to host your Video Blog.

As mentioned YouTube is very populat place for video bloggers.  They allow participants to produce their web videos and provide a great place to share their content and views.  Often times the video blog is done with one camera. With our upcoming video blog we will be using tow or three cameras to record our program.  More on this later.

A good article on producing a video blog is at WikiHow.  In their article they cover these main topics: Think of a topic to make vlogs about. Get a Youtube account, and give your channel an attractive name. Make about ten or more REALLY GOOD videos. Post one of those videos to a related, well-known video as a video response. Keep being active – nobody is going be interested if you don’t post any videos for years. Edit your videos! This article is a good resource for the start-up.   COMMERCIAL BREAK: Need video production help?  Want to use our studio to shoot your video blog?  Contact DW Video 231-937-5420. We are here to help.  BACK TO THE ARTICLE.

A Video Blog can be fun.  It can also provide a source of income.  For example through your blog you are looked at as the expert.  You can promote your book, a product, a service.  NOTE: Do not make your video blog an advertisement.  People will not watch, share and become engaged with you.  Have your pitch be a soft sell approach.  For example, ‘The following video is supported by DW Video & Multimedia, Michigan’s Video Production Resource”. Then continue on with your information.

In upcoming articles I will be providing more info on video blogs. You see I am in the process of setting up a YouTube Vblog for DW Video and promoting one of my faviorate topics.  More on that later. Thank you.  BTW, if you have something to share on your experience with video blogging, please share.

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