Affordable Video Production

Affordable Video Production

affordable video productionAffordable Video Production is a relative statement.  Everything in life cost money.  A good friend once told me, You can have it cheap, on-time or quality…. pick two. When working with Nathan Hickman, owner and CEO of TaskPro we are always looking at ways to help promote and save him money.  A few months ago we created three killer video profiles.  Great for social media and websites.  Now we are targeting one area and decided to go with Cable Advertising. What makes this affordable video production is we did not have to re-shoot any video.  Just spend a few hours at the edit suite and we have three more commercials ready to go.  Affordable, quality and attention to detail.

One huge advantage to working with DW Video, we pay attention to your bottom line.  We are always looking for ways to provide you the biggest band for your budget.  Nathan Hickman sent me this comment, “After another look I absolutely love them. Great work Kathy and Duane. This is approved. I’m really impressed with how they turned out.”

There are always ways to maximize your budget.  Since 1984 DW Video has been in the business of providing video production services, our creative team is here to help. A team of Editors, Videographers, Creative Writers, Website – Graphic Designers all work to provide an affordable video production.

Remember the statement, You can have it cheap, on-time or quality…. pick two!  Open communication from the beginning helps keep the budget in tack.  Spending more time at the video shoot will provide more shot selections for use in a current video or others down the road.  Re-purpose the video to meet all your marketing and sales needs.  That is where DW Video comes in – contact Duane at 231-250-9624.  Ready to tell your story.

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