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rockford websiteRockford Website – It began as a way to solve a problem.  Lynn Benson, educator and swim coach saw a need for a portable submersible sports clock and counter.  Her vision turned into the portable submersible sports clock & counter  manufactured in the state of Michigan, U.S.A.  Welcome to Splash Count.

This Rockford website was produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  We first produced the video for Splash Count for their old website.  When it came time to update the site Lynn came to us to produce the site.

The video used a combination of Lynn explaining the product coupled with a video testimonial and surrounded by video captured with a Go Pro using a 3-axis stabilizer.

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SplashCountt-websiteWhen Lynn came to DW Video, Duane turned to website and graphic artist, Johnny B.  Photography of the product was our first step.  The site uses these photos to show off the product. The header image uses a stock image of a gal and Johnny B combined a few images to show off the product.

Every business has an image.  Our goal was to provide Splash Count with a professional looking site.

According to the Splash Count website, “The Splash Count™  is a portable, waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and sports team counter. Our versatile product has many applications including use in classrooms, timed conferencing, swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, personal training, exercise circuits, speed dating, game timer, and game scores.”

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Splash Count – The Portable Pace Clock

Splash Count – The Portable pace clock you can count on. Splash Count can be used for swimming, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field and more.  The Splash Count The Portable Pace Clock is a patented product of Benson Products, LLC.

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The script for Splash County was written by Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions.

Splash Count

Introducing the versatile portable, totally submersible Splash Count™ from Benson Products, LLC

“Hi, I’m Lynn Benson, the creator of the “Splash Count.” The concept of Splash Count came from my experience as a competitive swimmer, Physical education Teacher, and as supervisor for aquatics programs for Rockford Public Schools, in Rockford, Michigan.

After using unreliable swim lap counters, that often fell apart just before a meet, the concept for a reliable swim lap counter, and pace clock for distance swimmers was born.

“Splash Count is a portable, and submersible device. When positioned at the bottom of the pool, in the lane of a swimmer, Splash Count is easily visible. The swimmer can keep their head down and see their pace in practice. During swim meets, it can be used as a lap counter for distance events.

Best of all…Splash Count is versatile. It requires no installation, and can travel from pool to gym to field while keeping time. Out of the pool, coaches find it useful for basketball…soccer…lacrosse…track and field…and more. With its’ four function capability, Splash Count can time up…time down…lap count… and game score. It can even score for two teams. It’s easy to operate… portable…submersible…and durable.

The remote control and battery operation makes it exceptional. Whether you’re an athlete, or a coach, Splash Count was created with you in mind, and  0ffers a reliable tool to improve your team’s overall performance.

“Splash Count…the portable pace clock…that you can count on.”

Lynn is a proud member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.

Script written by Kathy Murphy, KJM Productions.

Produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC

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