Business Video Types

Business Video Types

Business Video Types include:

  •   Behind the Scenes
  •   Business Intro / Profile
  •   Conferences
  •   Corporate Events
  •   Event Montage
  •   Multi-camera Interview
  •   Landing Page Videos
  •   Motion Graphics
  •   Video for Non-profits
  •   Product Demos
  •   Promotional Videos
  •   Real Estate Showcase
  •   Social media videos
  •   Speeches & Presenters
  •   Client Testimonials
  •   Training Videos
  •   Tutorials & How-To
  •   TV Commercials
  •   Web Videos
  • Custom video production

When looking at the variety of business video types most are not that expensive.  At DW Video we keep our pricing system and an eye on your goal and needs.

Within the business video types there are some key components that hold every production together.

These include:

  •   Do you want sound with that? We have both wired and wireless lavaliers, handheld microphones, and on-camera microphones for great audio.
  •   Quality HD cameras: We run with Digital SLR’s and the Sony Z7U HD Camera for great liquidity and audio capabilities.
    • Experienced camera people paying attention to composition, lighting, audio and flow of every shot.
  •   Professional Scriptwriters ready to take that story, whether it is a feel good video, corporate image segment, TV Commercial or training video, our writers know how to say it in less words.  Talk to the audience, not at them.
  • Editing Suite with quality editors.  Knowing how to carefully craft all the video, images, sound, narrative and have a flow that tells your story… priceless.  We have you covered.
  • Lighting, Teleprompter, backdrops and the list goes on.  We do video, we know video and we are here to help you.

No matter what type of video you need.  Contact Duane at 231-250-9624.  Thank you

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Do you want sound with that? 

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