Sharing Facebook Posts

Sharing Facebook Posts Sharing FacebookSharing Facebook posts from your business page.  As I have been setting up our new Buy Local Michigan Video Blog I have made an observation when it comes to sharing facebook posts.  I have done some research and have not been able to find exactly what I was looking for regarding this topic.

Found many tips on engaging the audience with good content.  Having a good strategy and how that it is important. Using ads and making it personal are all part of the process and is very good and solid information.


Sharing Facebook posts and how it works as part of your strategy and what is good tips is what I was looking for.

Allow me to explain, When posting on my business Facebook page the ‘People Reached’ goes up when I take extra time and go into my personal page and ‘SHARE’ with the people in the video on their timeline.  NOTE: you must be friends to do this.  Taking it a step further and sharing on their business facebook timeline increases the ‘People Reached’ as well.  NOTE: You must like their business page.

In my next post  ‘Sharing Business Facebook Posts’ I will show some examples of how I have seen this work within my blog.  For all your video and media production needs call me at 231-937-5420 to set up an appointment.  We are ready to tell your story.

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