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Adding a branding graphic to the end of the video – every video needs a call to action.

At DW-Video-Rockford-Greenville-Big Rapids we provide Quality-oriented and cost efficient video and media production. We are experts in making sure that you get the right message to the right audience at the right time –whether that message is being sent to dramatically increase sales, or to educate, inform or convince others -and then getting your target audience to react in the desired fashion.

We enjoy working with Michigan based companies and telling their story.  From Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Big Rapids and Reed City to Grand Haven, Rockford, Greenville, Mount Pleasant and Midland and all parts in-between.

Good communication must be a two-way, interactive experience; there’s no sense in attempting to sell your products and services or train someone without attempting to elicit a response every time.

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On Location capturing video for a Buy Local Video Testimonial.

Part of that challenge is determining which media or combination of media will best serve your needs for selling your products, training your distribution staff or promoting your business. It might be traditional print advertising. It might be direct mail with a DVD enclosure; or it might be a complete full-media campaign with an interactive website. Whichever solution is best, whether you’re looking for a local retail promotion or a national B2B campaign, we can help you produce it successfully…providing complete project management from concept through implementation, and offering you a true one-stop solution for all your communications needs.

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