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Using a personal YouTube Channel to tell and share your stories of Michigan Businesses, Organizations and Non-Profits.  According to YouTubePlaylists should be an essential part of your channel strategy. Not only do they increase watch-time, they create another asset that will appear in search results and in Suggested Videos. You can create playlists using your own videos, other videos, or a combination of both.”

Telling and sharing your businesses story needs to take a series of videos, utilizing playlists, proper keywords… it takes a plan.  A plan that takes time to produce, embed and track.

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YouTube Channel Michigan

Create a YouTube Channel, Playlists and work local video SEO to promote your business.

Video SEO is work in progress.  There are many factors that go into ranking. Organic SEO  (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages according to WeboPedia.  Meaning not having to pay for ads on Google, Facebook or YouTube.  Depending on your keyword and the competition for those keywords, the geographic area you are targeting will depend on how long and IF/When your video ranks.

From the Google search our video was on page two within 24 hours.  NOTE: This was from the video section of the search not the main search.  More work needs to be done to move that ranking. Remember in the beginning of this article when I mentioned it was work in process.  Now the work begins.

To receive a FREE video from DW Video call Duane to be a guest on Buy Local Michigan 231-937-5420. For all your video production, website design and video SEO give us a call.

DW Video services all of Michigan with special focus on the communities of Grand Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Fremont, Newaygo, Big Rapids, Reed City to name a few.  Everyone has a story to tell and we are telling it with Company Image Videos, Video Profiles, Testimonial Videos, New Product Videos, Safety-Training Videos, Web Video and Broadcast Television Commercials,



Producing video testimonials


Producing Video Testimonials for GRIN… “these are affordable”, states DW Video Owner Duane Weed.

At DW Video we love producing video testimonials and promoting Michigan.  We are working with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network promoting the organization and its members. “Developing a product is a marathon” states John a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network. John a Michigan inventor (Johnny Ball) believes you have to believe in your product 100 percent and not give up. The networking possibilities are a great benefit of the organization.

Our approach when producing video testimonials is to keep it real.  These do not have to be expensive and in the case for how we produced the videos for GRIN, the production is hundreds of dollars… not thousands.  Here is the video we produced:

Grand Rapids Inventors Network helps Johnny Ball

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The goal for GRIN is to build their YouTube Channel and provide a platform not only for the organization and the members.

video production servicesFollow DW Video on facebook, Connect with Duane on Linkedin and check out our blog. At DW Video we provide Video and Media services all over Michigan including the cities of Grand Rapids, Rockford, Reed City, NewaygoMuskegonMount PleasantGreenvilleFremont and Cedar Springs.


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Producing testimonial videos

We are at it again producing testimonial videos for the Grand Rapids Inventors Network or GRIN for short.  This time our mission was to have the members share their experiences.  Who sells your business and organization better than a customer or member?

At one of the monthly meetings we set up and interviewed six members about why they are members of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.  I am impressed with the golden nuggets that came out of these members.  In the past I have shared the importance of keeping the testimonials real.  When producing testimonials videos, ask the right questions and wow, we cannot write this any better.

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Lynn talks about how marketing her product Splash Count and how GRIN has helped her.


Brenda B shares her experience with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and her product from BeachFit.

Producing testimonial videos provide your organization with an opportunity to build trust with prospective customers and prospects.  Video Testimonials strengthen relationships with existing customers and help turn prospects into customers.

I personally love producing testimonials videos because they are real people speaking in their own words about why they like your product, service and/or organization.  There is a powerful tone to have a person sharing from their heart about you.  In the case of the GRIN the members share how the organization has helped them.

Here are a few questions to ask when producing testimonial videos:

What has the business/organization done for you and why?
What was the obstacle was achieved by using this product and/or service?
What was the benefit of buying this product?
Were their any specific feature(s) did you like most about this product?
Why did you need this product/service and how did it help you?
Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

And lets not forget to ask, Is there anything you’d like to add?

At DW Video we are here to help tell your story.  Servicing Big Rapids, Fremont, Newaygo, Rockford, Greenville, Reed City and all of West Central Michigan.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 and lets discuss your video and media production needs.

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Preserve videotape memories by transferring to DVD


Preserve videotape memories by transferring-to DVD.


Preserve videotape memories by transferring to DVD and making copies to share with family and friends.

Preserve videotape memories by transferring to DVD is an ideal way to share those memories with family and friends. What a great birthday, anniversary and Christmas gift. This is one gift you can not find in a store. Heck, it is right there in your closet, under the TV or stored in a box somewhere.
At DW Video we can get up to 2 hours onto a DVD.

Unlike some box stores we can combine multiple tapes onto one DVD. The key is as long as the time does not exceed two hours in length. We know people do not always fill up the videotape. For example, one time I had a lady bring in well over one hundred videotapes – VHS, VHS-C and Mini-DV. There was anywhere from 2 minutes to 4 hours on each tape. NOTE: Four hours meant it was not recorded in the 2-hour mode. These had to be put on two separate DVDs. Remember, only two hours per DVD. Back to the story…. She had every tape numbered in the order she wanted. Each tape was put on as to maximize the two hour DVD. Meaning some tapes had three, four sometimes up to six tapes on one DVD. The first two tapes are at $25.00. The base price for our Video to DVD Transfer. Then $5 per additional tape. The project of over 100 DVD’s made 30-40 DVD’s.

Preserve videotape memories by transferring to DVD with our in-house transfer service. We can transfer the following videotape formats to DVD: Betacam, BetaCamSP, VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM), SVHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8, miniDV, DVCam, 3/4″ (U-Matic). DW Video can also tape your files from your newer video cameras and make DVD’s for you. Do you have home videos, corporate videos, wedding videos, training videos, sports highlights, dance recitals and more.


All video formats transferred to DVD… Even BetacamSP.


Making a DVD menu to easily find your videos.

Contact Duane today for all your video and multimedia needs. 231-937-5420. At DW Video and Multimedia we service Michigan with a highlight on Big Rapids, Greenville, Rockford, Fremont, Newaygo, Grant, Cedar Springs, Howard City, Lakeview, Edmore, Stanton, Reed City… basically all of west central Michigan.



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Reviewed Google Analytics

Reviewed Google Analytics

What to do with your stats?

From our 90 day Blog/SEO challenge we have reviewed Google Analytics in an earlier blog… now what?  This information is valuable and will begin another challenge.

The good – Google Analytics shows we are getting traffic and people are staying on the site for two minutes and more.  The bad – the phone is not ringing.  So, how to get the users to contact us on the site or be reminded to contact: Our goal with the new challenge is to implement a “pop up contact form” that will trigger after the user has been on our site for a specific time.  With most users hanging out for 2-3 minutes, we will have the pop-up say something like “Are you interested? Contact us now!!!” and have the form right in the box for them to fill out.

From the reviewed Google Analytics a couple choices are alternative domains and/or using our blog and landing pages with the keyword(s) in our domain. What does this mean, it means more testing.

So what is an alternate domain?  Alternate domain is any domain that has been added to your server after the primary domain. By default, all alternate domains are completely independent domains. They can have their own content, email addresses, and settings.  The way works is we would get a domain name that is based on keywords and a location the we would SEO on a single page. It would be separate from our site and just be a landing page with information, a link and a contact form. Short and simple and straight to the point.

Alternate domains are fairly close to how we utilize the blog posts to pull people in based on their information they’re looking for, except in this case we would be targeting keywords, bringing the users to a different site that is monitored by different analytics.  This is a never-ending review of a website.  Something that each and every one of us will have to do to get results from our sites.  We want to know if prospects are truly interested then they will be referral traffic from this domain landing page. It will help weed out the people who are truly interested and those who are just surfing.

Landing pages is another part of our focus based on the results.  According to Ubounce, “In the purest sense, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. However, when discussing landing pages within the realm of marketing and advertising, it’s more common to refer to a landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. This means that your landing page should have no global navigation to tie it to your primary website. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.”

From our 90 day challenge the keyword results are great for our site, we just want them to start clicking “contact”, so we need to put it in their faces.

We have more work to do – we will continue blogging, adding landing pages and deciding if we are going to use alternate domains.

Serving Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Reed City, Greenville and all of West Michigan with Website Design and custom web app’s, DW Video is your Michigan Media Production resource.  Duane can be reached at 231-937-5420.


Reviewed Google Analytics

90 Day Challenge

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