90 day website-blog-SEO challenge

90 day website-blog-SEO challenge

In ninety days my site is two and three on page one with the keyword phrase video production big rapids

From April one to July one I did a 90 day website-blog-SEO challenge on my dwvideo site.  According to one of my clients and friends, Dr. Harpreet Singh references Simon Sinek’s Start with the Why of the Problem.  ‘Don’t tell someone what to do – tell them how to do it’ – that is my goal.    The purpose of my challenge was two fold: One is the share the data with you as I learned more and two, for us to feed the Google beast targeted keywords so our SEO grows.

What is the Google beast you ask?  The Google beast thrives on content.  It graves it, wants it, cannot live with it.  So, on your website you need to be Google friendly and feed the content beast.  For my challenge the focus was on feeding the beast through my Blog.  One blog post a day for ninety days.  BTW: Larry and I are still reviewing the data from the ninety days.  From the data we will have the good, bad and ugly.  I promise, this info will be posted as soon as we can.

Why did I start this challenge?  It all began when we changed our website.  We have a new look, feel and direction for the new site.  The problem at first, not a huge problem, was my old site was ranked and I did not want it showing up anymore.

Now back to the results of the challenge.  For one result (and there will be more) lets look at the phrase – video production big rapids.  We are listed two and three.  the second result is from one of my blogs.  The third result is from my landing page.  More on landing pages later.

The 90 day website-blog-SEO challenge is just the start.  Remember when mentioned before the Google beast thrives on content.  Another tip, it is always hungry.  This is what you have to continue to feed with content often.

Was curious that if the dwvideo.com.php56-26.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com site was ranked for the keywords I wondered, “how were my images ranked?”  The images below are from page one, beginning from the top of the page.

image search google

Our images from the same video production big rapids ranked well on the first page.


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In future posts we will cover:

target keyword post – video production big rapids

Non targeted key word post – GRIN

Site traffic – where the traffic is coming from

analytic results



find a community that needs my info.  Linkedin communities – for example – I need to comment on these post to grow my ranking.


Michigan Video Production


Michigan Corporate Video Productions


Using the Camera Jib for the perfect shot.

DW Video & Multimedia, LLC provides Michigan Video Production services for Corporate-Industrial-Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profits, Schools, Medical, Organizations and Churches a full service production experience.

The ability to tell your story is our strength.  Saftey and Training Videos, Company Image, New Product, Highlight Videos and our affordable Buy Local Video Profiles.

Since 1984 we have been providing Michigan Video Production services and have enjoyed every minute.  My goal is promoting you!

Working with local Michigan businesses to tell their story, promoting their products and services.  We have a passion for what we do and it shows.  Yes, we have won awards and that is fine.  More importantly telling your story for your success is the goal.


Using a variety of video shots to tell your story


Outside the Mackinaw Lighthouse – love my job!

The affordable Buy Local Video Profile highlight key members of your business and organization. Bring your message to life.  Demonstrate your products and showcase what it is that makes you unique.  Tell your story and build trust and loyalty with prospects and current customers. Michigan Video Production is our life.

Every video and website project we produce begins with one question: Who is your audience?  According to the University of Maryland, “Knowing your audience helps you to make decisions about what information you should include, how you should arrange that information, and what kind of supporting details will be necessary for the reader to understand what you are presenting. It also influences the tone and structure of the document. To develop and present an effective argument, you need to be able to appeal to and address your audience. ”

Serving the Michigan Video Production communities of Greenville, Rockford, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grans Haven, Fremont, Big Rapids, Reed City, Mt. Pleasant, Midland and all of West Michigan.  Call Duane 231-937-5420.



Tourist Videos – you have a story… share!


New product videos sell what you make.











Working with Kathy Murphy – advertising guru!

Trust in Business

Building trust in business is like building trust in life.  We trust in God, we trust in our spouse.  We also know our customers need to trust in us.  Your goal as a business or organizational leader is to provide opportunities to build trust.  How do we do this?  First and foremost, provide the best product and service that you can.  Second, toot your own horn.  Open the gates and share your story with your customers and prospects.

trust in business

Video is a great tool in your toolbox for building trust in business

DW Video provides a great opportunity to build trust in business with our Buy Local Video Profiles. Build trust in business with a series of short video profiles highlighting the key personnel in your businesses.  From the owner, CEO, marketing people, foreman to your sales and service staff.

What is trust in business?  It is about building relationships.  Building a level of confident. Trust is a bi-lateral relationship—one trusts, and the other is the trusted.  Like our relationship with God, his word states he will take care of us, we must trust in him.

Buy Local Video Profiles build trust trough content.  Create meaningful content about your product and services.  Tell your story in a way that differentiate you from your competitors.  Be real – no hype is key to building trust in business.

In a video we produced for the Wheatlake Cancer and Wellness Center  I had Susan provide the opening for the video.  A cancer survivor herself, and the person behind the brand her on-camera open provides trust on business. 



Customer testimonial videos build relationships about your products and the people who use them.  In this example the maintenance manager for Braddock Metallurgical shares how our client ‘Steeltech’ products outlast the competitors.  The approach is real, not an actor, he shares his experience firsthand.  



Interviewing the engineer that builds the equipment at Reed City Tool as he shares the benefits their press system truly builds trust in business.



Since 1984 DW Video & Multimedia has been serving the communities of Grand Rapids, Reed City, Big Rapids, Newaygo, Greenville, Mt. Pleasant, Fremont, Rockford and all of West Michigan.  Contact Duane today 231-937-5420.  We are here to help tell your story – call today.




WordPress Blogging for SEO

When I began writing a blog my goal was WordPress Blogging for SEO.   Using the blog for a couple reasons.  One to share how media works by sharing what we have done for others.  Second, to help with my Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Blogging is about content.  I noticed when using my WordPress SEO by Yost, one of the analysis items was to write a 300 word blog.  If not this is what I would get: “There are 65 words contained in the body copy. This is far too low and should be increased.”

I then went out to find out why.  Came across a blog from Risdall, “Ideal content length is a reoccurring debate in the online marketing community, but it turns out that Google does not have a minimum word count for indexing.  A 299-word blog post can do as well as a 301-word post. Even 150 words suffice in some cases.”  You see it is all about content and how you use it.”

According to Google, ““One of the most important steps in improving your site’s ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that includes relevant keywords, used appropriately, that indicate the subject matter of your content.”

WordPress Blogging for SEO should be part of your ‘do it yourself’ marketing plan. The more you blog, the more new content helps your site.  How often should you blog?  From my research I found arguments of daily or multiple times a day, to a few times a week.  Successful bloggers are doing it both way.

Regular posting on your blog puts you and your brand in front of people.  Infrequent posting can lead to readers feeling disconnected, and to even forget who you are completely.  Look at what will help your customers and then provide them the information they need.  Misconceptions for blogging.

Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to get started on producing your website. Since 1984 we have been serving West Michigan communities of Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Reed City, Newaygo, Grant, Cedar Springs, Rockford, Howard City, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Greenville and more.



Benefits WordPress Websites

benefits wordpress websiteThere are many benefits WordPress Websites offer, from the ease to maintain, consistency of all pages, Google finds it inviting (which means SEO friendly), mobile friendly and allows you to share your expertise with its on board blogging platform.

Like with everything in life there are some issues.  WordPress has some bugs as well.  According to Here Next Year dot com, “Plugin updates and WordPress software version upgrades can sometimes be a problem. For most, it’s just a click of a button and everything is fine. For some, they’ll click an update or upgrade link and all of a sudden they have a blank screen displaying on their website. Like with any cms product that uses a database to push content to be viewed, eventually there will come a time when you need to get some technical help even if for something as simple as upgrading plugins. The key is to learn how to backup your files and database, then do the upgrade or updates, and be able to revert back to the backed-up version if you need to. And, by all means, make sure your website manager knows to do that too before just updating or upgrading out of the blue.”

Backing up your website is a good practice no matter what platform you are using. Backing up your website is like backing up your computer – needs to be done.

Contact Duane at 231-937-5420 to get started on producing your website. Since 1984 we have been serving West Michigan communities of Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Reed City, Newaygo, Grant, Cedar Springs, Rockford, Howard City, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Greenville and more.




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