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Transferring Audio Cassettes to CD and Mp3.

DW Video has been serving Michigan with quality audio production and transfer services since 1984.  Have a cassette, 8-track or reel to reel that needs to be converted to CD or Mp3?  These can be early family memories or tapes from your early band years.

Chris, came to DW Video looking to have a couple analog audio cassettes converted to CD.  He needed them fast as his brother was dying.  I will let Chris tell you.

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I was pleased to be able to help Chris and his family, especially his brother.  I was glad to hear that the recordings brought him peace in his final days.

For a listing of all our DW Video & Multimedia’s services click on this link.  When taking audio cassettes converted to CD we do have a limit to what we can put on each disc.  If your audio is more than 80 minutes (length of our 700 MB disc) we’ll simply continue with the next disc.

Protect your videotapes as well.  We have found that that videotapes that have been stored may have some issues.  Click here to learn more about what I call ‘Exercising your Videotapes”.

LPs & Tapes Transferred To CDs & MP3s – DIY or Have DW Video do it?

I really hate talking myself out of work – however being honest and realistic also is important.  Gentleman called and he has records – cassettes from the past 45 years and needs them transferred to CD.

All Work done in-house

All Work done in-house

My response “are these available on CD via Amazon, Ebay etc”?    If they are then it is more economical to purchase them that way.

At DW Video we have labor involved and for the most part a 70 minute transfer is between $25 and $35 to make the master – $5-$3 for copies depending on quality.

To transfer your record collection we may not be your best option based on cost – we can do it, if you have the budget.

Other than finding the CD on-line you could do it yourself.  I like DAK for these types of products.  Like – this is what you need to do the audio transfer project.  Great for the do it yourself person.  You will need a turntable, cassette player and with the software you are ready to go.

For all of your audio to cd or mp3 transfer work – contact DW Video 231-937-5420.

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