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 West Michigan Digital Media Producer Duane Weed shares how to use video in today’s media rich market in this on-line video on why you need a business website.

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In the beginning, video on websites were cool. Today, a website is expected. By 2015 it will be expected for a business to be sell and promote with video! Do Not be the last in your industry to utilize online video marketing… your competition is.

Video comes in all forms: Sales Videos, Marketing Videos, New Product Videos, Company Image Videos, Training Videos, Safety Videos, Broadcast Commercial Videos and Documentary Videos.  AND it is available 24/7 on your computer, laptop, phone and other mobile devices.

Video is a powerful tool. It captures our attention in a very short amount of time.

Within 30 seconds to 2 minutes a custom internet video will promote, entertain and educate your potential customers. They’ll come away knowing more about you, your business, and your products and services. Video offers a sense of comfort with your business. Through video streaming potential customers will have a name… a face…even a voice…and a comfort level with you, before you ever actually meet.

The key to great on-line video is keeping it real.  Connecting with your audience.  At DW Video we provide the real in all of our videos.  We know how to promote and sell you.

When you use video marketing on your website, you are telling your visitors your story.  Inviting them to get to know you and what you do and offer.

Serving West Michigan with quality digital media production: Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Reed City, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Fremont, Newaygo, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Midland… we service Pure Michigan.

Welcome to DW Video where we are promoting Michigan Business’s, Communities and People.  231 937-5420

Video Means Business for Michigan produced by DW Video

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Digital Media producer Duane Weed produced this video for Acme Marine Group a few years ago – hence the 4:3 aspect ratio – however it is a great example of how we marketed a corporate client that represent video means business.  As of this posting the video has 27,983 video views on you tube.

Working with a well written script and professionally narrated by Steve Yankee. Duane set out to Torch Lake near Traverse City to shoot the scenes needed for the video.  Additional video was taken in West Michigan on the Muskegon River by Browers Park.

Showing people having fun with the product promotes the major benefit of having a great propeller on your boat.  Using creative lighting techniques for the product shots highlights the propeller being made.  On a side note Duane remembers having to shoot the process tight as to not give away trade secrets for how they clamped down the unit.

Contact DW at 231 937-5420 to have a video produced for your business, corporation, school church or non-profit.  Video means business for you.

Acme Marine is renewing expectations of inboard propeller buyers everywhere. All Acme Propellers are engineered, manufactured, inspected and shipped directly from Acmes U.S. facilities. Promoting Michigan Business, Communities and People – DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

Paddle King uses video produced by DW Video

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Check out this video DW Video produced for Paddle King in Montcalm County.

Paddle King builds boats and products that don’t require lots of maintenance because our products are simply built and don’t have lots of features that you won’t use and can break down. Simply put, we are getting back to basics. Isn’t it time you do too? Isn’t your life complicated enough?  Produced by Duane Weed from DW Video & Multimedia.

Contact Duane at 231 937-5420 to produce your video.

DW Video produces Corporate – Business – Retail Videos for Michigan based companies and more.


DW Video produces digitalvideos for Michigan based businesses, non-profits, schools, communities and more.

DW Video produces digital videos for Michigan based businesses, non-profits, schools, communities and more.

Since 1984 DW Video & Multimedia has been serving West Central Michigan with award winning digital video and media production services. Our client friendly video style works for any Michigan based business, manufacturer, retailer, church, school, non-profit, community or organization.

With video you can sell, promote, educate, train, inspire, entertain, inform and communicate with prospects and customers alike. DW Video produces corporate, industrial and retail video. You can come to us for web video production, TV commercials, DVDs, motion graphic design and search engine friendly websites that get the results you want.

DW Video produces HD and SD video and web content for ‘Pure Michigan’ based companies that serve the west central communities of Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Sparta, Fremont, Newaygo, Reed City, Muskegon, Mt. Pleasant, and Carson City. Our camera also travels to the cities of Mackinaw, Traverse City, Alpena, Frankenmuth, Battle Creek, Cadillac, Muskegon and Grand Haven to name a few. We are here to help tell your story. Contact us today to get a quote and to discuss your media and marketing needs.

Cedar Springs business Thermal Tec

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Connecting with customers is key to the success of any video.  In this website video from Cedar Springs Michigan business Thermal Tec’s president Robert Siterlet connects with customers using fiberglass panels on their roof.  Do you have a fiberglass roof? Wow, you spent some money. Fiberglass roofs are so corrosion resistant that you had a purpose in mind when you purchased that panel. The MR Multi-ply® Roof System is designed for your fiberglass roof. Fiberglass roofs are specifically designed for the type of work your business is doing. Why not have Thermal-Tec install a roofing system designed for it as well. The MR Multi-ply® Roof System weighs approximately 11 ounces per square foot so we are not adding any unnecessary weight to the roof. Maintaining the fire characteristics and keeping you water tight. These key components are what you are looking for. Have a fiberglass roof give Thermal-Tec a call . They have the solution and we guarantee it.  video produced by

Cedar Springs is a nice small town to live and do business in.  According to Wikipedia, “Cedar Springs is a city in Kent County in the state of Michigan, 20 minutes north of Grand Rapids. The population was 3,509 at the 2010 census.”  Source:,_Michigan

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