Don Middlebrook Trop Rock – Michigan Video Production

DW Video enjoyed producing this video for Don Middlebrook Trop Rock – Michigan Video Production.  My son was young when he first saw Don Middlebrook and Living Soul at a free concert in the park in Howard City Michigan.

Every year since then we have not missed Don Middlebrook and the boys when they are here.  Not sure what it is, but my son really enjoyed the Jimmy Buffet style sounds… now called Trop Rock.  It is so much fun seeing Don and my son joke around. You will see a shot in this video of my son on washboard jammin it out with Don Middlebrook Trop Rock sound.


don middlebrook trop rock

Don Middlebrook and Living Soul… Enjoy their Trop Rock sound… we do!  p.s. that is my son on the washboard!

Don’s love for music provides him the challenge of chord progressions, mathematics and an outlet to be creative.  Not to mention the guitar has allowed him to meet girls.

“Writing was one of the first things that hit me as a musician… I wrote quicker than I learned a song” states Don Middlebrook.  “Due to my vocal range I could not sing other peoples stuff, so I had to go my own way.”  Who knows, maybe some day Don Middlebrook Trop Rock sound and his guitar can change the world.  Thanks Don for music!

At DW Video & Multimedia our Buy Local Video Profiles are considered as one of the best methods for communicating with audiences. The Video Profile allows people to get to know you and what you do and offer.

Your customers and prospects want to know you. They want to do business with you. They want to learn about you and even to be entertained by you.  You have to tell your story to turn them from a prospect to a customer.  At DW Video we know everyone has a story to tell.  Whether it is getting to know Don Middlebrook and Living Soul or promoting your products or services.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.  For affordable, effective video and media production services… we are here to help.


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We are ready to tell your story.  Let us know how we can help.

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Binder Park Zoo – Michigan Video Production

michigan video production binder park zoo

Interviews help tell the story.

michigan video production

Welcome to Binder Park Zoo

A Michigan Video Production Company, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC in this post highlights the Binder Park Zoo near Battle Creek. DW Video’s Buy Local TV series promotes Michigan Businesses, Communities and People. Welcome to Binder Park. Learn first hand some of the exciting things to do for children of all ages. According to Duane, “The GIRAFFE FEEDING is really fun”.

According to Binder Park Zoo’s website, “Binder Park Zoo is a 433-acre zoo that opened in 1977 near Battle Creek, Michigan, in the United States. Binder Park Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Michigan, and features a large array of animals and plants, including the Wild Africa Exhibit.”



binder park zoo michigan video

Let your people tell the story. Make it real.

wild africa binder park zoo

Feeding the Giraffe’s is a fun time.

Binder Park Zoo a Pure Michigan Video produced by Duane Weed from DW Video & Multimedia in Howard City.  DW Video is Michigan’s Video Production resource.   Looking for a good time.. lets go to the Zoo!  The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek Michigan.

Since 1984 Duane has been promoting Michigan businesses, communities and people.  Promoting your business, school, non-profit and more with affordable video and media production services.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420,  Take a moment a fill out the form – we are here to help you.

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DW Video production procedure

DW Video Production Procedure for all projects are very similar.

Here are some basic guidelines to the production flow of a project.

  • Outline for project. What is the goal of the video? Who is the audience? How is the video/DVD going to be distributed? Any manuals, tech sheets, promotional materials should be given at this time.
  • Script Research: In the case where one of DWVM’s scriptwriters writes the script we first start with a conference call or meeting with all parties involved. Other times when we use the Buy Local Video Profile style we discuss questions to ask employees, specialist and customers.  Develop a plan to tell your story.
  • If we go with a written scritp it needs to be written to an 8th grade level. The key to a good video is the script. It needs to be written in a conversational tone. The “Keep It Simple” principle really holds true here. You write to enforce the video and to train, educate and inform the viewer, not to bore them.
  • Review Process: Before any on-location video capture (videotaping) can begin the script needs to be approved. The script is our blueprint on how the video is going to be produced. It includes what video; graphics, animation and any other items are needed to complete the video. Please take time during this stage. It can save money during the actual production. Upon written approval of the script we are ready to move forward.
  • On-location Video Capture is the actual videotaping of each and every scene needed to match the narration or interview segment.
  • Graphics & Animation: these are being done while the on-location videotaping is happening so there is time to review and make changes if necessary.
  • Narration: The voice talent is recorded before the editing process begins.  Unless we are using interviews to tell your story. 
  • Editing: this is where it all comes together. The visuals are edited to the narration making sure every scene is properly timed out. Graphics, animations etc. are added at this time as well. Once the video is edited we will post the program on-line for review. 
  • Upon approval of edited video it is time to Design, Encode and Author the DVD and/or encode the video for use on-line.  A popular place to host your videos is YouTube.  Heck, did I even need to say that?  Vimeo works as well.
  • Artwork for DVD is designed and sent for approval.
  • Upon approval of DVD and artwork it is time to make copies.
  • Deliver Product / Upload video.

dw-video-multimediaEvery project we produce is unique, DW Video production procedure is a guideline, not rules.  Contact Duane today to discuss your next project.  We are here to help and look forward to meeting you.

Serving all of Michigan. Big Rapids, Greenville, Rockford, Grand Rapids, Mt. Pleasant, Alma, Midland, Sparta, Kent City, Cedar Springs, Reed City, Newaygo, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Traverse City and every other city in Michigan.


Video Story – Michigan Video Production

michigan video story

Telling a video story is what Producer-Director Duane Weed is all about – your story.

Telling your video story does not have to be complicated.  In this example I took an audio recording and pick certain segments to tell that story.  For video used the GoPro time lapse function – then the edit using Sony Vegas.   After picking out the audio segments enhanced the video story with title graphics to bring home the message – this is not easy.  It took an hour or two to find just the right segments to use.  It is a soft sell approach, not in your face advertising.  Connecting with an emotion, a thought, a message.  The video story is that – a story…. your story.  For years we have preached that everyone has a story and we are telling it.  Yes that is true – it is our job.  However, it is also our passion… our purpose in life.

A video story has a message that inspires.  The story is what moves people into a call to action.  Is that call to action to call you?  Is it to visit a web page set up for the viewer?  Is it to make them pause and think.  Video does all that – DW Video does all that.  Contact Duane today to discuss your story.

Everyone has a story to tell – that story can be told in a varitey of ways.  What we do at DW Video is work with you to meet your goals, focus on your audience and promote the benefits you and your business offers.



We are here to help you.  Call Duane at 231-937-5420.

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