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Produce your seminar videos and use YouTube as a platform to reach your audience.

Seminar Videos are one way you can share your expertise to prospects and customers.  Lately we have been doing a lot of work in the health care area, however the concepts go to any business.

When we say seminar videos this can mean a number of things.  One, you do not need to go out on a speaking tour and have DW Video capture all your seminars.  Sidenote: Yes, we can do this if you are a keynote speaker.  Second, The seminar videos can be done in your place of business or at our studio in Howard City. It is all about feeding the Google Beast, your prospects and customers with good quality information.

These videos do not need to be expensive and done with a high production budget. They need to be clean with excellent audio. Meaning, do not use the camera microphone, use a lav or overhead mics to capture the audio.

John Hopkins Medicine uses seminar videos to inform and educate. Creation Today uses seminar videos to provide information to their prospects as well. Dr. Harpreet Singh, a local doctor with a mission.  Educated patients are informed patients.

It does not matter what you are selling.  Think about video as a chapter in a book.  You need many chapters per topic.  So what am I saying?  Take a seminar that may be a half hour in length and turn it into a series.  For example I recently took a seminar by Dr. Singh and made twelve videos from the one seminar.

Why would I do that?  Remember the google beast.  It needs to be fed often.  So having many videos from your site on a topic is better than one long video. Plus and very important, attention span.

Duane Weed, Video Producer for DW Video & Multimedia, LLC creates videos for businesses to share their story.  Promotional, Instructional, Training, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Marketing and Brand Identity Videos.  Contact Duane at 231-937-5420.

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Video Testimonial Tips – Loafers Glory KJM Productions

Video and media producer Duane Weed, DW Video & Multimedia, LLC shares some tips on producing a video testimonial. Duane highlights an excellent example produced for KJM Productions, a Michigan based advertising agency.

Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions has been the advertising agency for Loafers Glory for over 25 years. Joann Camp shares that experience on video. Over the years Kathy has had DW Video shoot and edit videos for Loafers Glory. Within the testimonial we used highlights from these videos to help tell KJM Productions story.

[youtube_sc url=”” autoplay=”1″ rel=”0″]

Your customers have a passion for what you do – at DW Video we capture that passion on video to share on your website, social media, broadcast media and more.

To learn more about what Kathy can do for your business give her a call at KJM Productions (989) 506-0061.

For all your video and media production needs check out

Transfer video to DVD – before it is to late

Videotape will not last forever.  I have already experienced this.  Before it is to late have DW Video transfer your videos (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm/Hi-8mm, DV, DVCAM and 3/4 inch) to DVD to save and share with family and friends.  Check out this video and learn how video will not last forever and what to do.,, transfer video to dvd.

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Mention you saw this post and all your DVD copies will be $3.00 each.  Call Duane at 231-250-9624 to learn about pricing.  All work is done in-house unlike the box stores.

Since 1984… Video is our Business!!!  At DW Video we are proud to serve the communities of Michigan: Greenville, Belding, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Kent City, Newaygo, Fremont, Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Reed City, Mount Pleasant, Lakeview and Alma.


LPs & Tapes Transferred To CDs & MP3s – DIY or Have DW Video do it?

I really hate talking myself out of work – however being honest and realistic also is important.  Gentleman called and he has records – cassettes from the past 45 years and needs them transferred to CD.

All Work done in-house

All Work done in-house

My response “are these available on CD via Amazon, Ebay etc”?    If they are then it is more economical to purchase them that way.

At DW Video we have labor involved and for the most part a 70 minute transfer is between $25 and $35 to make the master – $5-$3 for copies depending on quality.

To transfer your record collection we may not be your best option based on cost – we can do it, if you have the budget.

Other than finding the CD on-line you could do it yourself.  I like DAK for these types of products.  Like – this is what you need to do the audio transfer project.  Great for the do it yourself person.  You will need a turntable, cassette player and with the software you are ready to go.

For all of your audio to cd or mp3 transfer work – contact DW Video 231-937-5420.

Thank you


Midland based Reder Landscaping – Your nature. Our nurture.

[youtube_sc url=”” autoplay=”1″ rel=”0″]

Kathy Murphy from KJM Productions offers clients that something extra.  Kathy contracted with DW Video to shoot HD video for her client: Reder Landscaping of Midland Michigan. The commercial on this page is the first TV spot produced.

Now this is the cool part… Kathy came up with an idea to thank each of Midland’s Reder Landscaping customer for allowing us to capture the HD video needed for the commercials.  Kathy wrote scripts, narrated each and then we teamed up in editing the final production.  She personalized each one, put it on a DVD, she pick up some nice gift bags and a few other things that made up the personal gift to Reder’s customers.  Each customer received their landscape on DVD.  Even the shots we did not use in the commercials.

I love that Kathy goes the extra mile for her clients.  From Radio and TV Broadcasting, Creative Writing combined with the HD Production skills of DW Video (shameless plug) … a combination that means good returns for your business.

You can reach Kathy at and Duane at 231-937-5420.


Reder Landscaping is the company of choice to maintain the most beautiful properties in the Midland, Bay City and Saginaw area.  This is true for residential properties, condominium and multi-unit properties, as well as business and commercial properties.

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