Using Video to reach members

Using Video to reach members is a great way to educate and recruit new members.  We do not capture video at all the meetings.  What we are working on with the Grand Rapids Inventors Network or GRIN, is using video to reach their members with a series of highlights from select meeting throughout the year.  The information provided to the members at these meetings are valuable and attendance is encouraged.

By editing a highlight video or two from each meeting we are able to apply local video marketing techniques to the YouTube videos and gear them at keywords potential members may use to find them.

The opening line in one of the YouTube descriptions states, “Learn how to publish Your game at the Grand Rapids Inventors Network monthly meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at the East Beltline Campus of Western Michigan University. The address is 2333 East Beltline Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49534.”

The title of the YouTube video was: Learn how to publish your game.  So in the first paragraph that phrase is used.  Then went on to write in when the meetings were and the location.  This way if someone searching for GRIN, all the main info is in the first paragraph.  Why, think about it for a moment… to make it easy for someone to attend the meeting.

Used the same content in the opening description for the Monthly Meetings Grand Rapids Inventors Network YouTube video.  Focus on keywords and then build the description to make it search engine friendly.

For all of your video and social media production services contact Duane at DW Video.  231-250-9624.  Or visit  For more information on the Grand Rapids Inventors Network go to

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